2001: A Space Odyssey (2018)

PG / English / Adventure / Science Fiction / 149 min

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First released in 1968, this sci-fi epic directed by Stanley Kubrick is getting a re-release in honour of its 50th anniversary. The space opera spans the dawn of man to humanity exploring space. It tells of the Black Monolith and the rise of HAL 9000, A.I.`s ultimate supercomputer.

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2001: A Space Odyssey Reviews

Keston Huang
27 September 2018
Best film ever made in cinematic history
This is one of the biggest cinematic achievements ever. In the 150 minutes of its runtime, I was dazzled, blown away, glued and befuddled. I don’t think anyone can dispute this as the best science fiction film of all time. Even if you don’t appreciate the film, at least appreciate the impact it has made on science fiction forever. How many sci-fi films has referenced this and stolen bits and pieces of it? The fact that this film was made half a century ago, 50 YEARS, makes me wonder how does someone would be even crazy enough to attempt this in 1968?? Only Stanley Kubrick. Transcendent masterpiece.

Elaine Chang
28 September 2018
Excellent fiction movie
One of the best fiction movies I have watched this year. I felt that I’m part of the journey to outer space.

Teddy Rufus
28 September 2018
Nothing much change
Still pretty much the same movie 50 years ago. Now with enhanced graphic and bigger screen. For those whose into classic movies

27 September 2018
not bad
The film is a journey through outer space, but it is also a journey through cinematic space. It conjures the future by making you sit through its vision of the future, spending time just being in it.

Tham Wai Loong
30 September 2018
Classic Sci Fiction movie
Not for those into action movies. You need to be into classic movie to appreciate it. It was the best movie during that time in 1968.

Dare to watch
27 September 2018
Dazzling visual art.
The classical music chosen by Kubrick, it brings a seriousness and transcendence to the visuals.The 'futuristic' predictions, space station shots, and story all come together quite well into an enjoyable and unique film.

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