A Land Imagined (2018)

NA / Bengali / Mystery / 95 min

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Amidst a Lynchian vision of Singapore’s metropolis, worn-out police investigator Lok sets out to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of a migrant Chinese construction worker from a land reclamation site. As Lok’s insomnia sets in, the truth he seeks begins to seep out from the reclaimed sand.

The story then turns on itself to follow Wang, a lonely Chinese construction worker living in fear of being repatriated after a work site accident renders him expendable. He finds kinship in two others: his sympathetic Bangladeshi colleague Ajit, and the aloof supervisor of a dreamscape cybercafé he begins to frequent during his own sleepless nights.

When Ajit needs help, Wang enacts a doomed scheme that sparks a sinister, irreversible turn of events, and throws him headlong into the path of inspector Lok’s investigation.

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