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In this new take on the tragic love story, he plays seasoned musician Jackson Maine, who discovers—and falls in love with—struggling artist Ally (Gaga). She has just about given up on her dream to make it big as a singer... until Jack coaxes her into the spotlight. But even as Ally’s career takes off, the personal side of their relationship is breaking down, as Jack fights an ongoing battle with his own internal demons.

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26 September 2018
Overall: 5
What an amazing film by Bradley Cooper! First 20 minutes everyone is laughing hysterically and then the last 10 minutes you have least half of the theatre is sobbing and sniffling. Bradley and Lady Gaga's chemistry is undeniably strong and their performances were both great acting and singing wise. Your money will not be wasted on this film!!

Teddy Rufus
5 October 2018
Love it
Overall: 5
Enjoy the storyline and of course the wonderful songs inside the movie and if all fails. Watch it for Lady Gaga...

Daniyal Junaidi
4 October 2018
Overall: 5
Everything about this movie is great. From comedy to vulnerability. And wow Bradley has pipes! One of the greatest movie I’ve seen!

Joshua Caleb Ang
5 October 2018
Great Script, Marvelous Acting
Overall: 5
Acting was great by both Cooper and Gaga. Especially Cooper, who deserves an Oscar nod. Soundtrack was great as well. Only side back is that the cinema was full of Gaga fans who were a noisy bunch, I don't blame them. But I suggest seeing the film a week or two later to avoid a noisy screening.

4 October 2018
AMAZING movie!!!!
Overall: 5
i cried sooo much , Lady gaga is such a GOOD actress !!!! omg u guys just have to have to watch this movie!!

8 October 2018
Undeniably spectacular story!
Overall: 5
Goosebumps all the way! This movie gives you everything, believing, love story, success, fallouts, relationships & reality, this felt so real..will move you to tears, definitely recommended movie to watch.

Venkat Nadendla
5 October 2018
Simply Awesome
Overall: 5
Must watch... Awesome direction and performance by Bradley Cooper... No words for Lady Gaga... Mind Blowing!

7 October 2018
Simply touching
Overall: 5
Loved the chemistry between Lady Gaga and Bradley. It showed how one decision could change your life and also how one’s words could kill a person. And the songs, simply flawless .

Faii Liia
14 October 2018
A star is born
Overall: 5
Highly recommeded to watch!! The performance atmre AWESOME!! Andlady gaga songs are unbelievable showstopper!! Loving it so much!!

James CCG
6 October 2018
Overall: 5
Powerful performances & great chemistry between the two leading actors. Well written storyline & script. The music very soulful. WOW!

Sylvia Keyun
11 October 2018
Heart wrenching
Overall: 5
Great actors, great songs and great story! And very touching. Every details in this movie are presented so well by the actor actress.

Shirley Ong
7 October 2018
Excellent Movie!
Overall: 5
I love this movie very much that I planned to watch it again. Lady Gaga is superb! She is such a talented actress. And the songs are all so nice that I have downloaded them on my sportify and kept listening to them. Watch this movie everyone, it’s really good!

Regis Ivan
7 October 2018
Talented cast, brilliant acting, incredible storyline, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular
Overall: 5
Be prepared to be awed by the heartfelt storyline and blown away by Gaga's convincing and natural performance, as well as the soundtrack which she wrote and produced (not everyone can do that!) Amazing chemistry by Gaga and Bradley. Def Oscar-worthy!

Low Shi Yong
9 October 2018
Overall: 5
Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga had such great chemistry. Both are a delight to watch and the songs are amazing. The music and performances moved me to tears and are simply breath-taking.

Jetaime Tuen
21 October 2018
Fantastic Film!
Overall: 5
Would watch it again and again! Those of you who dislikes Lady GAGA should go watch it. I promise you your opinion of her will change. All sorts of emotions within 130mins! It’s not just a movie. Watch it and enjoy the emotional roller coaster!

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