Asih (2018)

18 / Indonesian / Horror / 78 min

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Asih (Shareefah Daanish) ends her life because of many unfortunate events that happened to her. She is expelled from home by her parents, because a man impregnated her but run away. Her family does not accept her newborn child, because it is considered a family disgrace. All the villagers mock her. All that make her crazy and then kills her child. The day after Asih died, Puspita (Citra Kirana) who is pregnant is living not far from the location where Asih ended his life. Living with her husband, Andi (Darius Sinathrya), and her mother-in-law, at first glance this family seem happy. But strange events continues to haunt Puspita and her family. After Puspita gives birth to her baby, the terror of Asih is getting worse. Asih wants something from the newborn baby.

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Dare to watch
7 December 2018

Story: 4 | Acting: 4 | Visual: 4 | Music: 4 | Overall: 4

Unexpected jumpscares that would really raise your goosebumps. For those who loved slow burning, or mid-tempo pace, you will likely find this movie a tad too fast. Finest, darkest, and most atmospheric film .

Kelis Tham
10 December 2018
Very Scary Ambience...
Overall: 0
Very well played horror movie with very good audio, visuals, ghost design, story, build up and most importantly, the 1980 ambience...

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