Bel Canto (2018)

NC16 / English / Drama / Thriller / 102 min

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A famous American soprano, Roxanne Coss, is invited to give a private concert for a rich Japanese industrialist in South America. She unexpectedly ends up in a hostage situation when guerrillas attack the house and demand that their imprisoned comrades are released. This turns into a month-long standoff where hostages and captors have to overcome their differences and find their shared humanity.

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Dare to watch
13 September 2018
The story is riveting.
Some touching small scenes between disparate people. Easing the tension is Roxanne’s awe-inspiring voice, which has an enlightening power accentuated by the harmonized melodies in David Majzlin’s score. Music pours forth so splendidly, hears it and is overwhelmed by its beauty.

Elaine Chang
17 September 2018
From a guest to becoming a hostage. Very interesting twist and entertaining plot which keeps audience in suspense.

16 September 2018
not bad
Ambitious in both scope and scale, and utilises a cluttered but enjoyable narrative to accommodate the film's numerous characters and plotlines.

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