Big Brother (2018)

PG13 / Mandarin / Action / Drama / 120 min

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A high school teacher is caught up by his dark past in the underworld and is forced to use his fighting skills to find and rescue one of his students who has been kidnapped.

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Tiger Heng
16 August 2018
Touching and Emotional - Hong Kong GTO
I went in expecting a full fledge martial arts movie, but I got more. It is a touching movie which delve into the lives of the students and their family.. from equality to racism.. Donnie's interactions with the students were awesome, and the comedic elements helped the pacing. This is not just an action movie, but a Hong Kong motivational movie which teaches us about the flaws in education system.

Helmi Zulkifli
19 August 2018
Storyline was great.. not boring throughout.. touched on things that’s happening in the real world! Emotional and touching story.. donnie’s acting was awesome as usual!

17 August 2018
Go HK!
I love this Hong kong movie, a teacher that does what it takes to save his student, definitely a big brother I would love to have

Priscilla Jigoku Shoujo Lay
21 August 2018
Inspirational and entertaining at the same time
This movie accurately points out the flaws in today’s education system and i applaud the film for that. Coupled with Donnie Yen’s action scene, I recommend watching it.

Keston Huang
18 August 2018
Donnie Yen IS Big Brother
Donnie Yen basically carried this entire film. I don’t think Big Brother is going to as entertaining, as kick-ass if Donnie isn’t in it. It is a feel-good film that has a good message, with high octane action and decent storyline. Overall, I had a really good time with my friends in the cinema.

22 August 2018
All students should definitely watch this movie, especially those facing stress with exams or other difficulties in life which hinders your studies and happiness. A pretty great motivation movie. It would be better if this movie is not dubbed in Singapore, originality is important.

16 August 2018
Good intentions but utterly trite
If you think this is going to be one of those preachy movies about how crappy our current education system is, you would be right. The intentions behind the movie were great, as were the reminders that students have dreams and there are more important things beyond good grades. But in the end, this movie is really all just about hitting all the cliches, and even the action scenes could not make up the missed emotional beats and glaringly thin plot and characterizations in the movie.

20 August 2018
Wonderful movie
Touching and entertaining movie. First time watching a Hong Kong movie and it was all worth it :) Didn’t expect it to be so great!!

Shanshan tan
26 August 2018
Go Hk
All time favourite donnie yen he always never fails mii again and ii like this movie is nice and entertaining

24 August 2018
Emotional and inspiring
I liked the inspirational talk and emotional elements. Before watching the movie, I actually expected the movie to have a lot of fighting scenes but this was good too. In my opinion, any movie with Donnie Yen will be good.

Eric Leong
17 August 2018
Emotional story
Half of the show emotional talk more then action. If u anxious to see his action movie u might be disappointed.

Erica Notdoinganything
28 August 2018
Loved it
Loved the movie and honestly think that despite it being cliche, it still brought tears into my eyes.

Liwen Yang
24 August 2018
Very touching
All time favourite Donnie yen! With the entertaining and touching story line makes a very nice and heartwarming movie

Hao Wen
22 August 2018
Dannie Yan is awesome
Love the fighting since of this movie is so awesome love Dannie Yan action moves. OMG he never fails me again!

David Lee
21 August 2018
Big Brother
Good storyline. Action packed. Simple but well written story. Heartwarming and touching. Not the usual Donnie Yen type of show.

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