Bumblebee Movie Poster


PG13 / English / Action / Adventure / 114 min

Director Travis Knight 
Cast Hailee Steinfeld, John Cena, Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Jason Drucker 
Release Date 20 December 2018


07 January 2019
Awesome funny!
The character bumblebee is really cute and hilarious in this movie. Even though is a robot is perform great emotions and affections

Priscilla Jigoku Shoujo Lay
22 December 2018
Bumblebee is really cute
I like how this movie actually fills us in on how bumbleebee lost his voice, how and why he ended up on Earth, thereby making the whole series feel more complete now. Lots of comedic as well as heartwarming scenes. Also, Bumblebee is really cute

26 December 2018
Movie was great!
Setting of the movie was awesome, the old school music really helped in enhancing the atmosphere. Storyline is nice and the relationship between bumblebee and Charlie is touching. Must watch!

Theresa T
21 December 2018
Good Plot
Finally, a Transformers movie with a plot and a soul. This spin-off is much better than the main franchise. A cool soundtrack consisting of music from the 80s!

Tey Kok Liang
29 December 2018
Very interesting!!!!!!!

Jiahui Kee
30 December 2018
Warm hearted Bee
This movie more on story and relationship between family members, Charlie and bee. The fighting scene is not as grand as previous transformer movies. (Well, bumble bee is not Optimus Prime, thats why he is cuter)

Lai Lee Chien
30 December 2018

21 December 2018
Bumble bee was just too cute.
Story was good.. The bee was too cute and the cast acting was fab.. The visuals were awesome as well.. Totally worth it.

Julie Francisco
26 December 2018
Exceptionally good
I had fun watching it. Not only it was entertaining. It was moving & enjoyable. The casts were really good too.

Sobig Solame
10 January 2019
A OK with quite abit of depth and flashbacks
Looks like a mini version of transformer movie. However could have been better if they showed more robots screen time. As compared to the usual transformer movie it’s certainly is a slowed down pace of it. And it shows how it build up to the recent ones. I won’t mind seeing more of these mini movies as it slowed the whole transforming process down alittle and u can really see clearing the transforming part.

Sham Nor
29 December 2018
Best Transformers Movie ever!
The transformers movie sequel has been going downhill. Bumblebee on the other hand, has successfully proven that the franchise can be really good! It is very focused on the relationship of the characters. The plot doesn’t feel like it is all over the place, unlike the previous movies.

Wong Sin Yee
24 December 2018
A touching movie describe how bumblebee comes to earth. I'm so sad to know how he lost his voice. Some funny scene also

Priya Kumar
05 January 2019
Loved it!
I love the bumblebee! The story & visual was great! Everything about the movie was awesome... Must watch!

Adeliah Quek
26 December 2018
Great movie
Perfect for all ages and visuals was great. Soundtrack was awesome although some may disagree. Enjoyed!

Lai Lee Chung
30 December 2018

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