Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings (2018)

PG13 / Mandarin / Action / Adventure / Not Available

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Detective Dee is forced to defend himself against the accusations of Empress Wu while investigating a crime spree.

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Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings Reviews

26 July 2018
Interesting Chinese movie
Very interesting Chinese movie story, I must say that the story line is filled with creative imagination! Great!

Joi Chu
26 July 2018
I love how the director intercepts two different kind of movie line in this movie, very interesting and started out great all the way till the end!

26 July 2018
A great movie , masterpiece !
This 2hours15min movie is worth every cents ! It’s a great movie , highly recommended. The lead actor Feng Shaofeng is not just a pretty boy .

Lim Meng Teck
27 July 2018
Must See!
Excellent movie, 3rd installment of the series! Actors and actresses are very good plus great story lines and actions!

30 July 2018
Interesting movie! Would love to recommend this to my friends and family, I'm sure they will love it too

28 July 2018
not bad.
have watched the previous 2 movies and is really impressed. but somehow not much mystery solving in this movie compared to the first 2. do stay back for after movie credits.

5 August 2018
The movie's story line was really creative and the effects were great! There's little plot twist at the end tho

Dare to watch
29 July 2018
Amazing CGI, set design and costumes!
Lookouts for giant goldfish aka jumbo psychedelic fish, scary flying dragons, imaginative weaponry etc..Mark Chao shows flashes of wry charisma as Dee Renjie.

Xiaoping Zhang
28 July 2018
Great movie.
Good plot, story telling and action. Great computer grpahics also. 130 mins of good movie. Worthy to watch.

2 August 2018
Great Movie
This is the best movie so far in 2018. I love the plot and all of those great and professional actors and actress. Thank you for the director, I am looking forward to next episode already.

Jerry Chew
7 August 2018
Normal movie
B4 this movie already have a lot of chapter with this story,so this chapter was nothing special to me.Have a lot of illusion screen,but still can't catch my eyes.

James Loo
3 August 2018
Touted as the Sherlock Homes of the orientals
It’s been a while since my last encounter with such a Chinese production, and I have to admit it has the hallmarks of a successful kungfu movie - the detailed set, the stunning costumes, the well-choreographed fight scenes etc. The cast was commendable and they delivered. The plot was mediocre, especially when it dealt with crime solving. But the biggest let down was that some of the parts that required more convincing storyline was simply referred to as ‘magic’ (especially the part where a dragon from the pillar was transformed into a ‘real’ dragon, and subsequently failed to assinate the empower and the empress). Overall, it was palatable with the help of amazing CGI and a good looking cast.

2 August 2018
cgi out of this world!
naked carina lau (in her 40s) still worth ticket price. not a must watch though, actings oozes sensuality.

Teddy Rufus
3 August 2018
Good action
The computer graphic have improved greatly since the first detective dee movie and the storyline is interesting.

Maryam Konali
2 August 2018
Fx galore
Nice special fx but weak plot development! Didnt watch the previous installments but i think detective dee was poorly left to be a support chatacter in this one!

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