Instant Family Movie Poster

Instant Family

NC16 / English / Comedy / 118 min

Director Sean Anders 
Cast Mark Wahlberg, Rose Byrne, Isabela Moner, Tig Notaro, Octavia Spencer 
Release Date 10 January 2019


Teddy Rufus
13 January 2019
Heartwarming movie
The movie is really touching and forming a family is never easy, being toss around the system is tough. Seeing how total strangers can form a family unit is really interesting.

Lin Zhaoxing
06 January 2019
Warming heart
Heart feeling about the foster parent about to lose the kids but gain their love in the end! It’s a lovely and warming story. Good one!

June Tan
15 January 2019
A really touching and nice family movie

Syafy Syafiqah
14 January 2019
Very heart warming movie and it shows how challenging it is to be a family. Despite where you come from, there will always be a family to love you.

Priscilla Jigoku Shoujo Lay
26 January 2019
And they lived happily ever after
Parenting is never easy, much less being parents to total strangers. But with love, time and care, even the trickiest of kids will eventually open their hearts to you. Apart from the many comedic scenes, this movie beautifully captured that.

James CCG
15 January 2019
Heart-warning family comedy based on a true story shows the inside look of foster families. Worth watching!

Dare to watch
28 December 2018
Heartwarming, inspiring and incredibly funny.
Dramatic moments that feel fairly grounded in reality. The thing that stands out about Instant Family is the nice cast chemistry. The classic happy ending type of story. Overall, great film, very captivating and touching.

16 January 2019
Simple but heartwarming
I like the part whereby the couple was qns why did they opt to foster and how their sharings/behaviours changes as the support group meetings progress

Sasha Ooi
11 January 2019
Beautiful story about family
I normally walk out feeling like I'd just wasted my time when I watch movies like this but this story was so specific, mkments so carefully mined and wonderfully acted that I was smiling throughout.

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