Killing For The Prosecution (2018)

PG13 / Japanese / Mystery / NA

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Violent cases are often handled by the department of Tokyo Public Prosecutors Office, where novice prosecutor Okino has been assigned to. He is exited to work with Mogami, an elite public prosecutor that he admires. One day, they are handed a case that involves the death of an elderly money lender. The suspect is Matsukura, a man who has previously testified in a female middle school murder case that Mogami handled. Tensions mount as Mogami is bent on proving Matsukura`s guilt but Okino has his doubts about it.

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Dare to watch
28 September 2018
Complex exposition and legal maneuverings.
A complex crime drama. Based on Shusuke Shizukui’s best-selling novel. Ninomiya’s natural talent in acting is obvious.

Josephine Yeo
3 October 2018
Worthy watching
Need patience but worth watching. Good acting from the cast, and the director/scriptwriter hid many links and connecting narrative symbols. E.g. The collection for signatures to support disallowing the elderly to drive. Took me hours to make the connection.

30 September 2018
Great storyline and acting
Always amazed how different both Kimura and Ninomiya portray their characters.. The human nature of revenge when it comes to ppl close to them against the justice you should up hold as a procecutor is clearly shown, great great acting by both of them!

29 September 2018
Slow but ok
It runs slow but still worth to watch. Especially for those who like to see twisted murder plan misusing the power of law.

Teddy Rufus
28 September 2018
Amazing Storyline
Love the court battles and intense brain theories on the legal issue at hand. Great storyline and would recommend it

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