Make It Big big Movie Poster

Make It Big big

PG / Mandarin / Comedy / NA

Director Mark Lee 
Cast Mark Lee, Dennis Chew, Marcus Chin, Chen Biyu 
Release Date 03 January 2019


Ivan LeBrosis
04 January 2019
Make it big big
Not to be missed, nice and touching

Dare to watch
03 January 2019
Local fantastic 4
So amazingly that a radio show turned into a movie. The movie was entertaining as it showed the personal lives of people in the entertainment industry and the things we face on a daily basis!Predictably, much of the acting is delivered in the hyperbolic style we've come to expect of Mediacorp actors.

Elaine Chang
06 January 2019
The Breakfast Quarter
An interesting movie which allowas audience to realize how celebrities juggle their personal lives and careers.

15 January 2019
Commercial Movie
It is a very commercial local movie but overrall nice movie to watch with family as bonding time!! Humorous and Mark Lee and the rest of the Neo teammates never fail to make us laugh... can watch!!

Yeo Hui Min
05 January 2019
The plot was very creative. I liked the part where the doctor kept repeating the words, it made me laugh a lot. I loved Christopher and his wife cameo.

29 January 2019
Too many product placements
Like ah boys to men, the product placements are actually not so subtle. Esp the collabs with gov agencies.

*movie time*
02 February 2019
Local Production! Yes And No?
Personally find is not bad for a local production. Breakfast Quartet is a team of 4 (Mark, Marcus, Dennis and Biyu) from FM972. I can see some good efforts in the storyline and the acting skills. But as usual, not sure if is a requirement to local production, I find the product endorsement thingy is a bit overdose. But otherwise all are good.

Z.H. Phil
06 January 2019
A StarHub commercial will be better than this
I mean, I don’t really know what I’m watching, is it a public service announcement before a movie or is it some product advertisement? The plot can be so much better. It doesn’t need to be factual but there need to be entertainment. Not a long drawn out bore.

07 January 2019
Poor Movie Categoried Under Comedy
If you wanna watch this show thinking this is a funny comedy movie aka Jack Neo style, you will be very disappointed. Storyline is quite boring with occasional slapstick humor typical of Mark Lee. A disappointment in my opinion.

LiNg Siewling
06 January 2019
Not worth it
Movie not worth to watch. Boring movie with not even a proper story line. Not funny at all also. Don’t waste your money.

Cyprian Justin Lee
05 January 2019
Don’t waste your money watching this
What a bad story line. Don waste your time watching this. Except for Mark the rest pls take acting classed

Nicolette Au
20 January 2019
Waste of time and money
Not recommended. There isn’t a defined storyline/plot at all and the entire movie just shifts from the personal life of DJ to another, making it messy, confusing and boring. If you have some time to kill on a weekday with concession movie tickets, then it’s fine I guess. Otherwise, you’re better off spending your weekends binge-watching Netflix series and movies.

Tomato William
19 January 2019
Don’t waste your money
Damn wasted time & money. Singapore movie really a low grade and no quality . It is so upset ........

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