Mandy (2018)

R21 / English / Action / Thriller / 121 min

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Set in 1983 in Pacific Northwest, where Red Miller and Mandy Bloom live in peaceful harmony. However, the peace comes to an end when Mandy gets killed by a sadistic cult leader, Jeremiah Sand. Now Red is on the hunt for Sand, looking for bloody vengeance.

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Dare to watch
13 September 2018
A stylish, visceral experience.
It's the visual that also gives the movie its coolness. Nicolas Cage's performance was amazing. I loved the soundtrack and themes and colors of Mandy. Beneath the hazy neon coating, there's an interesting and unique story to Mandy...

Teddy Rufus
17 September 2018
Too Much Gore
Going in with a mentality that this is a violent action gene but this is more drama and artistic with gore kind of movie. Felt asleep twice, can't really appreciate it

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