Miss Granny (2018)

PG13 / Tagalog / Comedy / Drama / 120 min

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Now in her seventies, Oh Mal-soon lives an unhappy life with her son and his family. However, one day, she is magically restored to her youthful self. Living life as a beautiful 20-year-old again, she decides to make the most out of this interesting situation.

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27 September 2018
20 years younger!
I've seen the Japanese and Korean version before. This filipino version has the same storyline, only diff songs (obviously HAHA) but still entertaining and funny, and have its own specialty. One of my favourite movie. You can watch it again and again. Good family movie.

Dare to watch
20 September 2018
Heart-warming movie
Geronimo’s endearing charisma. Sarah Geronimo has a heavenly singing voice that could make everyone stop and listen. Sarah's retro hairstyles and makeup were all so winsome. 

Teddy Rufus
28 September 2018
I've watch all the different Version
From the Thailand version to the Japanese version of the movie. The plot is simply amazing. I definitely watch it again if they made it in Chinese or malay

6 October 2018
Can't compare to Thai version
It's hard not to compare but it's really a far cry from the Thai version, in terms of hilarity...touching...etc. Can see the female lead tried very hard... It's not bad if you don't compare or if you had never watched the Thai version. Still think it's better than the Korean version though. Ah, the only thing is, this version has cuter male casts

Vanila Raoh
29 September 2018
Watching miss granny!!!
Must be part of this movie,super exciting if your consider youth that important... Once you get started within no time you will filled the day.

Elaine Chang
29 September 2018
Is youth that important? Then you have to catch this movie to find out. Very entertaining and interesting.

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