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More Than Blue

PG13 / Mandarin / Drama / Romance / 106 min

Director Gavin Lin 
Cast Jasper Liu, Ivy Chen, Bryan Chang Shu-Hao, Annie Chen 
Release Date 13 December 2018


*movie time*
16 December 2018
Beautiful Love Story
A remade of the Korea version in 2009. Nevertheless I still find the story mesmerising and beautiful. Needless to say about the acting skills and music. Is so well done, the roles fit well and they even got Alin in~ Touched the heart and the meaning of love is so beautifully illustrated here~

Ryan Nayr
18 December 2018
Makes u reflect on ur regrets.
Catch it while u can, don't wanna spoil it for u. Hard for it to be real, but yet it brings back memories of first love or real love if u might argue.

Teddy Rufus
13 December 2018
Remember to bring tissue
I am fully aware of this movie and I tell myself that I am mentally prepared not to cry. Didn't really help, I tear like a puppy losing his mummy... This movie try really hard to steal those tears and I warn you.. Their going to get it...

Connie Chong
15 December 2018
Sad movie but a nice ending
Indeed a very blue and sad movie. But could ask and agree more with the ending. Lesson of the day. Love when you can. Tell love when you are in love. Love can make it happen.

Elaine Chang
16 December 2018
Be prepared to cry and bring tissues. A very touching and sad story of 2 persons come together because of loneliness and depended on each other along the way.

Priscilla Jigoku Shoujo Lay
28 December 2018
The bluessss
*SPOILER ALERT* Really sad how the two main characters who really love each other couldnt be together in life but in death. Also the different ways in which they show their love for each other really hit me right in the feels.

Leon Z Ho
03 January 2019
The power of love
This is a typical sad romance storyline but it still captivates the audience and makes everyone emotional. Everything just clicked in this movie with the actors, songs and the filming. Awesome movie

20 December 2018
You will surely need tissuessss
The first thing that I can say is ‘sad story’. You’ll seriously need lots of tissues and you’ll hear so much of crying in the theatre:( good acting:))

Lai Lee Chung
30 December 2018

Michelle Tan Yin Keat
01 January 2019
A love story that would leave you with tears
It is a beautiful love story from the point of view of the two leads. It also reminds to cherish the time you have with your loved ones.

Tey Kok Liang
29 December 2018
Very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shaun Tan Yu Xuan
20 December 2018
Similar to the Korean spin off. With a little twist on their own. True touching story, go watch it people haha.

Lai Lee Chien
30 December 2018
!!!!!!!! 6!!!!!!!!!!!

Noorul Ismath
29 December 2018
So sad
I cried alot and it was damn good worth watching it cinema and the story lines really loved it,i will never get bored of the movie

27 December 2018
Great movie, strong storyline and the movie transit smoothly. Thumbs up for the director!! Get your tix now!

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