Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 Movie Poster

Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

PG / English / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / 112 min

Director Rich Moore, Phil Johnston 
Cast John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch, Gal Gadot 
Release Date 22 November 2018


Priscilla Jigoku Shoujo Lay
23 November 2018
Happy ending
Honestly would have given it a 4/5, maybe because I enjoyed the first one so much that I had a higher expectation for the sequel. Nonetheless, it is still a good movie in that not only is it enjoyable but also conveys important life lessons to viewers.

Teddy Rufus
04 December 2018
Better then Part 1
I really like it, especially the part about them heading over to the WWW. Amazing effort on the small details and definitely the Disney princesses will bring about a good laugh

29 November 2018
I was excited when i heard this sequel is coming out. Just like the first one, this is a great and interesting movie about friendship and life. Great for kids and families! :)

Chua Zhen Chun
04 December 2018
Heartwarming movie
If you love the first movie, this turns the dial one notch up. It’s truely an enjoyable fun-filled animation for all ages!

Adeliah Quek
07 December 2018
Touching movie!
Did not watch part 1 but the visual of this movie was very good. This movie conveys many positive messages.

09 December 2018
i loved it soooo bad i related to it a lot with real life and what i face and it was really nice to see both of them just go through what i do and learn from the experience as well. definitely shed a lot of TEARS

09 December 2018
Exceeded my expectations
Much better than the original with interesting new characters like Shank who was a standout and all the cameos and references were fun without being to obnoxious. Main moral of the movie is also an important lesson for kids to learn and was not too easily solved. Great movie, looking forward to another sequel hopefully with more princesses and Shank

Jolyn Khoo
03 December 2018
It is amazing how they imagine and visualise the internet! All the fine details were captured and very relatable.

Zhou Wan Yi
09 December 2018
Mind blowing
I loved the first movie for it bringing back the nostalgia and playful animations of classic video games. I thought it will be hard to top the first movie, the second movie is on a total different realm. It’s even a little bit of commentary on how our and speaks to some concerns of values and environment that our kids grow up in this time. A must watch!

Yati Baharun
02 December 2018
Great for kids!
My kids is a fan of wreck it ralph and enjoyed the movie. Its great for kids and fun to watch.. funny as well.. we had great time

Serene Lee
24 November 2018
this movie is so awesome! enjoyed it alot and it was kinda funny as well. animations were good! worth it

Cherie Ong
04 December 2018
Kiddy: )
Really enjoyed the show a lot! It was like I went into their world!! HAHA and their graphics is really good too!

01 December 2018
Awesome movie!! Worth it
The story plot is amazing and bonus points because their life lessons are so touching ,deep and relatable to some of us. GET READY TISSUES !! :”)

Casper Chan
09 December 2018
Seeing Internet differently
Love how they make the internet comes alive. Interesting plot. However if I were to choose, i feel the first movie is still better

Steffi Loh
10 December 2018
Story and visuals are great as always however the lesson behind the plot is very bittersweet as its a life lesson instead of an happy ending. Not complaining, loved the kind of twist it puts to disney shows

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