Reside (2019)

NC16 / Thai / Horror / 104 min

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On a dark stormy night at an isolated mansion, six cultists and their leader gather to perform a ritual to bring a mysterious body to life. But the ritual goes horribly wrong when they accidentally summon a terrifying spirit that begins possessing the cultists. Trapped in the house by the storm, no one knows who will be next.

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19 April 2019
“what’s scarier than the ghost is the human.”

Story: 4 | Acting: 4 | Visual: 4 | Music: 4 | Overall: 4

Its fragmented narrative delivers the right amount of tension and mystery. “Reside” is neither a Thai style black magic nor a ghost movie, but a hybrid horror tale. Hauntings and possessions become the happenings of performance arts.

Lord Charles
21 April 2019
Utterly Stupid

Story: 0 | Acting: 1 | Visual: 0 | Music: 0 | Overall: 1

The worst Thai movie possessed joking movie I ever watched. One was possessed outside the house, one get locked inside the room and one was liked by her Aunty and the other with painting all over his body dead and disappear in the scene.... leaving the two suspecting one another. What a joke.

18 April 2019
Omg! This is a horrible film

Story: 1 | Acting: 1 | Visual: 1 | Music: 1 | Overall: 1

Horrible film.... Is not worth the 13.50 for this movie. Whole movie no story plot. And worst is no ghost. Is super super not even good

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