Searching Movie Poster


PG13 / English / Thriller / 102 min

Director Aneesh Chaganty 
Cast John Cho, Debra Messing, Joseph Lee, Michelle La 
Release Date 27 September 2018


Feng Rui
29 September 2018
Great Mystery Movie
Love this movie soooooo much as the new showing way as screens of computer, the fast and informative rhythms and the great love between father and daughter. really want to recommend it to everyone!

29 September 2018
For those mystery movie fans!
Marvellous storyline which has a twist and unexpected ending. It’s been a while not having this kind of movie and truly hard to find these days. For those mystery fans, this is the one. It blew me out completely from the start to the end.

Keston Huang
26 September 2018
Such a great modern take of a mystery thriller, Searching has so many great twist and turns and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. The screenplay is really solid, the directing and use of technology to present this film is really fresh and clever. All mystery thriller fans should definitely check Searching out.

01 October 2018
Great film! Super innovative and creative. Worth the watch!!!!! I am very impressed. This show is nothing like the lame unfriended type of webcam show. It’s pretty good!!

29 September 2018
Worth the time and ticket
Good acting, suspenseful n good director Very good plot twist I like John Cho's acting Don't miss it!

Adli Bin Assim
25 September 2018
Very good movie. Worth to watch!! Expected more but it was not that bad yet! Still worth to watch it in the cinema.

Keon Teh
04 October 2018
Superb thriller, suspense from start to finish!
This movie has easily been one of my top and favourite movies of the year. Behind the exciting and thrilling plot, lies lessons and awareness of the dangers that lurks the internet. The plot was extremely well thought through and written. Just as you thought you had it all figured out, a new twist keeps your interest peaked. Additionally, it was refreshing to see a brand new way of how the film was made. I’ve never seen a film delivered in such a way. Five stars, everyone should watch this movie!

Mark Albert Carreon
27 September 2018
Its been awhile
When was it when movies used to amaze me? This is a really good movie with unexpected moments. Your movie tix wont be a waste with this one. Hella Rollercoaster Ride

Joshua Caleb Ang
04 October 2018
Interesting and Unexpected
Great mystery film. It grabs your attention immediately the first 15 mins and then trails on to very unexpected and interesting scenarios. Highly recommended!

Teddy Rufus
29 September 2018
Love it
I enjoy everything about his movie, especially how it teaches me the usage of my computer the different function and the strong storyline to top it up.

30 September 2018
Thrilling, unexpected twist.
It's a must watch movie. Unexpected twist as the father insists on finding his daughter despite convincing evidences.

02 October 2018
Awesome movie!
Great plot. Contemporary. Great acting by john cho. Great suspense. Great twists n turns. Highly recommended! Go watch!

26 October 2018
One of the best thrillers in 2018
Absolutely loved this movie! The content is culturally relevant and the storytelling is interesting (through use of technology). Pacing was good, with the right amount of suspense built up for the right moment. The entire movie was captivating throughout - it draws a good balance of various emotions in the audience. The plot seems simple (with twists) but doesn’t take away value of the movie. It conveys multiple messages reflecting the online world as well as family relationships, which can be educational to young people today.

Tilak Benjamin Benith
22 October 2018
Beautifully directed with never-ending twists
The beauty of the movie was all about the cameras used and it always gave the perspective of being watched via the internet. This third-person aspect definitely played a huge role in building up the thrill to the ending and ensured that the twists stay in tact without revealing too much and making it too unpredictable at the same time.

Jess Lai
07 October 2018
Just wow!
expected this to be a long, draggy movie... but it was completely the opposite! It was relatively short and kept me captivated the whole time! The twist at the end was just so good! Really unexpected! Highly recommended!

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