The Grinch Movie Poster

The Grinch

PG / English / Animation / 90 min

Director Peter Candeland, Yarrow Cheney 
Cast Benedict Cumberbatch, Rashida Jones, Kenan Thompson, Cameron Seely, Angela Lansbury 
Release Date 24 November 2018


06 December 2018
Kiddy christmas movie
I'd personally prefer the old jim carrey grinch movie but this is not bad at all. Filled with cuteness and packed with funny scenes. Great storyline with lessons. Great for kids and family.

Joi Chu
02 December 2018
cuteness overload
overfilled with cuteness ! super love the story line and the characters! definitely kids friendly! approved!

Livvy Campbell
04 December 2018
The Grinch
It's better than what I was expecting it to be tbh it's funny as anything and seriously recommendit to a lot of people including adults

07 December 2018
Grinch looks quite scary
For me, i feel like the grinch looked very scary...luckily there is the dog to soften the image. But the script was funny so good xmas show.

21 December 2018
Good watch with kids!
Adorable! Kids will love it and is a good watch with family! Highly recommend it..... Happy holidays everyone.

Tey Kok Liang
29 December 2018
Very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 January 2019
Thumbs Up for The Grinch
This was a great movie, for adults and kids alike. I really enjoyed how cute and funny the movie was, definitely a thumbs up!

Dare to watch
21 November 2018
Heartwarming and fun
Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice is unrecognizable as that of the Grinch. He’s actually trying to do something fresh, and succeeding. I felt that Cindy-Lou Who , her question for Santa was too sweet and cheesy. The movie briefly touches on people who are a little too into the Christmas spirit.The narrator was amazing and I loved his dialogue.

11 December 2018
Nice movie for the kids
Good show.. Certain parts were really cute.. Some scenes of grinch was very funny.. A total entertainer for the kids

Suleman Bader
09 December 2018
Loved it special the graphics and I like the charterers as well. I would b better if movie length will be atleast 2 hours

Missy Ting Tong Bazaar
11 December 2018
Highly recommended
This is one of the best and very meaningful and moving Christmas movie I’ve watched.

16 January 2019
Christmas Movie
I like The Grinch. So funny and cute. It's a good movie for kids. Can bring kids to watch they will like it.

Scentzcents Zailan
12 December 2018
Different with the one with Jim Carrey
It's a heart warming story that reflex with daily life. It has strong meaningful lesson that we can relate. Music is hip hop and nice. Love the dog in the movie.

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