The Knight Of Shadows: Between Yin And Yang Movie Poster

The Knight Of Shadows: Between Yin And Yang

PG / Mandarin / Action / Fantasy / NA

Director Vash 
Cast Jackie Chan, Ethan Juan, Zhong Chuxi, Lin Peng 
Release Date 05 February 2019


09 February 2019
Great movie
It’s being a long time Jackie have act together with all cartoons characters n look pretty cute. Jackie look young too

Lydia Yamin
09 February 2019
Awesome movie awesome Jackie look younger cool . Tremendous effect n cartoon was cute especially movement

Chin Ching Wei
13 February 2019
Funny show
Nice twist of story. Unlike Jackie Chan usual style of action, this show is a great comedy n a good show to catch

Lai Lee Chung
09 February 2019
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Dare to watch
04 February 2019
CG overload
It had some beautiful love story. The monsters created in here were a bit comical. Jackie is just as entertaining goofing around while playing master and detective. Jackie Chan also shines in physical comedy and imbues his character with a playful sense of humour.

Jia Ying
05 February 2019
Enjoyed the storytelling:) pretty visually appealing with some humour! Appreciate how they weaved in and took a creative approach to the love story if nie xiaoqian and ning caijun

Teddy Rufus
07 February 2019
Lots of Computer Graphic
I agree that the computer graphic is way better then those movies a couple of years back but i wish they would have tone down a bit, would love to see more actions from the actors. Overall the movie had an interesting storyline base on the other different chinese legends and myths.

14 February 2019
I actually prefer this to JC’s previous movies
Never a fan of jc but surprisingly I enjoyed the show. Hmmm I think if u r not crazy over his previous action packed movie, you will like this. Haha

Tham Wai Loong
27 February 2019
Average movie
Average storyline. With many CGI effects. CGI effects dine rather well. Acting was good though. Maybe kids would appreciate this movie.

13 February 2019
This movie is worth my time and your time. The storylines are awesome and exciting!! Thumbs up for all the crews.

Fion Lim
04 February 2019
So so
Wow Ruan really can act so well. The Xiao Qian is totally NO expression at all, he also can cry so much. But the story is really too ridiculous for me to accept. So many remakes of Xiao Qian but none can surpass Joey/Leslie's version. Not funny also. As a CNY film, the demons should be cuter and less sinister too.. .imo la.

Jun Jie
07 February 2019
Movie is so so
Movie is so so a lot of cgi and the only true watch points are the ladies in the movie. They are like the visuals

Cayden CoOlz
05 February 2019

Choo Qi Yao
20 February 2019
Not much action
Only at there draw sign using a brush, ying yang pan, pan ying yang lol, prefer Jacky's action movies

Chloe Lo Xueying
06 February 2019
Jack Chan film nice
I would say this time round, jacky Chan’s film is a success, funny show, modern & interesting! It’s a good new year show

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