The New King Of Comedy Movie Poster

The New King Of Comedy

PG / Mandarin / Comedy / NA

Director Stephen Chow 
Cast Wang Bao Qiang, Zhang Quan Dan, Jing Ru Yang 
Release Date 05 February 2019


Chin Ching Wei
13 February 2019
Great show
A classic Stephen Chow show. Deep meaning within telling one to never give up one's dream. A must watch.

Aline Ang
28 February 2019
Stephen Chow has done it again.
Yet another hilarious "laugh till you cry" movies but this time with a more touching, personal aspect that will sure make you cry out of how deep down it is a movie that reflects us and life's challenges.

Jiewei Sim
06 February 2019
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Tan Ying Hui
08 March 2019
It's Stephen Chow
I mean it's Stephen Chow movie obviously good hilarious and meaningful I really love it recommend to watch

13 February 2019
This movie is worth my time laughing. The storylines are funny. Thumbs up for all the crews

Dare to watch
06 February 2019
Cried with laughter
Quite funny though some parts are a little bit sad. This film doesn't have any fancy graphics or effects. Still full of funny elements.

Chris Young
07 February 2019
Very meaningful storyline
Very touching storyline talking about everyday life slogging in work and yet not recognized. However hard work really paid off sometimes thru perseverance.

John Luo
12 February 2019
Funny & motivation video
It's generally nice and funny too, it's alittle too rush at the end. It's more of motivation video at the end.

Josephine Yeo
06 February 2019
Not a waste of time and money
Liked the motif of how one should keep one's integrity and pursuit of dream, and the sure and silent family support

07 March 2019
Enjoyable film
No doubt a great comedy-drama. Typically cynical and vicious humour for a story of self-discovery. Outstanding characterisation are the main character's father, her betraying boy friend etc.

09 March 2019
Lame but funny comedy
It is a very Stephen chow kind of movie, funny yet lame! Still did laugh throughout the movie. It was very touching as well, I did enjoy the movie

Jasmine Yap
11 February 2019
A bit disappointing
There are some parts of the movie that is funny but the rest are filled with rather lame jokes. The plot seems similar to other movies too.

Hannah Wye
10 February 2019
Just okay
Back to the Classic style movie of Stephen Chow with no 3D effect, not over produced. But the story is kind boring, acting same as well. I was puzzled with some screen and even ending.

13 February 2019
Not the typical kind of comedy....
I don’t know.. I feel more sad than happy when watching this. In my opinion it’s a demonstration of the sickening reality in a funny way?

Jiahui Kee
06 February 2019
Overall is good
Storyline ok. No boring moment. Got some good point to laugh out. Worth to go cinema watch. Ending too rush.

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