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Kirana, housewive, who was once the most popular and outstanding students in school, experiencing a crisis of self-confidence. She feels she could not be the ideal wife for Ben, her husband, and a good mother for Rega and Windy. Kirana often confides to her high school friend, Diana, which is always accompanied by her personal assistant, Indra. One day Diana makes a high school reunion event. Diana lies to her friends that Kirana is a PR Consultant. At the reunion, Kirana comes to the Madam Sri Menyan's forescast stand. Kirana gets a card that read "Starting from the Starting Point, After that Not Going Back". Madam Sri said this card would be red if Kirana's dream of changing her destiny, becoming a single and successful woman, is granted. The next day Kirana wakes up in a luxury apartment. Indra appears before her and claims to be her assistant. For a moment Kirana is happy. She enjoys being the boss of a good office, with dozens of staff following her orders. But Kirana is feels a longing for Ben and her two children.

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