A Lifetime Treasure (2019)

P13 / Cantonese / Comedy / 95 min

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In the long tradition of the celebrating Chinese New Year movies, we are proud to introduce A Lifetime Treasure. In a peaceful elderly home, life goes on around these unique persons: Master (starring Andrew Lam) the caring retired doctor who spent his life travelling the world to help people and now manages this elderly home. He has help from Ching (starring Ivana Wong), a nurse who work for him in all his previous adventures. Together, they take care of a group or lovely 5 retirees. Teddy (starring Teddy Robin) an ex-professional pickpocket, Fatty Crab (starring Sammo Hung) a very smart ex-detective but now in a wheel chair, Uncle Lung (starring Leung Siu Lung) an ex-spy for the British secret service who vow to keep his mouth shut after the retirement, the sad Richard (starring Richard Ng) an ex-professional swimmer whose son died in sea few years back and finally the elegant Wai (starring Tien Niu) a retired Chinese opera actress. The well balance life of the elderly home is about to be shaken, when the gangster Marvin (starring Lam Suet) an old friend of Master, trying to set up a trap to take revenge on him...

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Wong Kok Chueng
4 February 2019
Full of old-fashioned feelings in the past

Story: 3 | Acting: 3 | Visual: 2 | Music: 2 | Overall: 3

This New Year's comedy directed by the cold-faced laughter Lam Man-Chung. The film tells about a old folks home in the countrysiden become precarious because of the unscrupulous businessman of the mercenary is eager to move, and how the group of old folks who have been forgotten by society, to turn around and protect their home . . The film's old man corps is a group of former Hong Kong superstars, Sammo Hung, Richard Ng, Teddy Robin Kwan, Leung Sui-Lung, Tien Niu, self-directed Lam Mun-Chung, plus several new generations of comedy stars, Cheung Kai-Chung, Ivana Wong, Bob Lam, The lineup is strong, but I thought that this powerful line of laughter stars will bring a series of laughter stories, but I can't think of the plot, even Lam Mun-Chung, who has always been ignorant, has become a serious one. It is undeniable that some dialogues can make people smile. Although the plot is old-fashioned, it is thought-provoking, and it is full of old-fashioned feelings in the past. Feeling that the old one is a bit outdated, but the new one can be added in time!

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