Along With The Gods 2 (2018)

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This follow-up to "Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds" sees Su-hong and his three Afterlife Guardians making their journey through the 49th trial, in order for all four of them to gain their reincarnation. Through the Household God in the living world, the Guardians also start to recover their forgotten memories.

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Along With The Gods 2 Reviews

29 August 2018
This sequel is just amazing! Storyline was wonderful and the graphic amination was superb. Excellent cast of actors too!

Leonard Lim WK
30 August 2018
Best sequel
This sequel will not disappoint fans alike as it is more intense and intriguing and last but not least best casts and a fun ride indeed!

Alexander Lamb
29 August 2018
A masterpiece that reveal all the mystery
I an fortunate to have seen the premiere at sunway pyramid. I am absolutely stunned by the movie. The plot of the movie is interesting besides revealing the relationship between three guardians. There are funny and touching scenes as well. The only thing I dislike is adding Jurassic Park scene in it, can't the producer figure out something original and more appropriate?

Chan Yan Yee
3 September 2018
Touchable Movie
Along With The Gods Part 1 I already watched and it is so touchable. Really nice this movie and can't wait to watch it by this weekend!

Peng Loon
30 August 2018
The movie is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very vrry very nice

Jason Wu
31 August 2018
First series better
Still the first is much better.. this time is funnier and first one is more touching.. different genre

Hashina Jasmine Jasz
29 August 2018
Along with the gods
Cant wait for the movie....will surely enjoy this movie.....gonna have fun with the loved one.........

Aizat Arsenal King
3 September 2018
Life cycle
1000 years. Other than see the trial of the dead, it is good to see the storyline of the life of the guardians before they died. What connects them? Why the guardians wants to complete the tasks?

Nurul ikrom
4 September 2018
Awesome masterpiece.This is another series that i follow for chinese movie other than lengendary Monkey King movie.Worth the tickets.

Zarak Khan
2 September 2018
All i can say about this movie is that this movie is spectacular and it will blow you away just like it blowed me away

Andrew Lee
1 September 2018
Awesome follow up
Another awesome movie of Along with the Gods. Will not disappoint you although the first movie was better

Azza Mohamad
8 September 2018
filem yang agak menarik. u guys kene tengok dulu yang part 1 baru boleh tenhok yg part 2 ni. sbb bersambung. tp cerita ini best, byk mesej yang bagus disampaikn

7 September 2018
First one is better!
Although the storyline of the sequel is quite nice, but I still prefer the first one as it is more touching. Anyway, still worth to watch!

Evelyn Evangeline
5 September 2018
Along with The Gods 2
Awesome movie sequel which is intriguing and stunned the audience! A nice movie which is fun to watch!

Kevin Liew
30 August 2018
After you watched along with the gods, 100% must watch along with the gods 2. Very very very very good

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