Balun (2017)

Na / Malay / 17 Aug 2017 / 89 min

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Director: Bob Singah
Cast: Beto Kusyairy Izara Aishah Eizlan Yusof Reen Rahim
Release Date:  2017-08-17 00:00:00


Revolves around a young man named Hassan's death and her father since childhood, back to his native village to settle the debt he owes to his father from rich man Mr. Seman. Hassan returned to the village, he was scorned by the villagers as a child is considered to be a gambler and a gambler like his father. Mr. Seman surprised when he thought Hassan was shot dead along with her father. Nur Ain, Tok Penghulu daughter accidentally find out the real story about family and help Hasan to find a solution.

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