Banglasia 2.0 Movie Poster

Banglasia 2.0

18 / Malay / Mandarin / Action / Comedy / 1 Hour 32 Minutes

Director Namewee 
Cast Namewee, Nirab Hossain, Saiful Apek, Atikah Suhaimie 
Release Date 28 February 2019


Leonard Lim WK
06 March 2019
Best and funny local produce movie that is funny and also close to events happening around us. A must watch definitely and best

07 March 2019
Funny movie!
The storyline of this movie may not the best but it's still worth to watch. We need to support our local produce movie.

Wong Kok Chueng
04 March 2019
Not as good as expected
The arrangement of the story is not very good. It feels a little bit patchy. Some of the plots are ridiculous and boring, but the whole film is full of political phenomena that map the former Malaysia. There are many classic memories of you, me and him. Everyone has a topic of resonance and a smile! Five years after the film was banned from the government, it finally announced "re-seeing the sky!" This film finds Md Shakhawat Hossain Nirab, who is known as "Bangladesh Andy Lau", Malaysian comedian Saiful Apek, David Arumugam, Zhu Xiliu, online female tattoo artist Kiniki, Singaporean actress Atikah Suhaime, and the network's super popular Lin Dazhao. Han Xiaotong and Joseph Germani and others participated in the show, and the lineup is strong! The events reviewed by the film include the Sulu Army invasion in 2013, the smuggling of foreign workers, the blackout in the 2013 general election, the introduction of foreigners to Malaysia in eh Asia, and of course the classic line "I help You" , You Help me". Overall, you can still enter the cinema to support it

03 March 2019
It is a real DISAPPOINTING movie! Waste of my time & money to watch it!! What a shameful movie!! I strongly believed that BANNING this movie is the MOST ACCURATE thing done by NAJIB!!! Sorry to say, it is really a nonsense!!!

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