Down A Dark Hall (2018)

P13 / English / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / 96 min

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Based on Lois Duncan's novel, the movie follows Kit Gordy, a new student at the exclusive Blackwood Boarding School. She can't help but think that the school is evil because of the sinister headmistress in charge of it. To survive this, Kit has to confront the dark powers of the headmistress and come face-to-face with her supernatural abilities.

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Down A Dark Hall Reviews

Leonard Lim WK
16 August 2018
This is true horror story so true to life and yet so terrifying to be experienced alone Bring a friend to shout along

16 August 2018
Horror movie
Down a dark hall -must watch horror movie.

16 August 2018
Horror movie
Down a Dark Hall, horror movie fans must watch ....

Alexander Lamb
17 August 2018
Horror movie with very dark scenes
This is an okayish in my opinion. The things that I am unhappy about the movie is the light. For me, the light is too dark and some scenes can barely be seen. It's too disturbing and I have to focus really hard to see the movie as it is too dark. Moreover, the movie screenplay is strange, somehow it doesn't feel connected. So, the girls are being treated as a vessel for evil spirits such as the pass away Mozarts, Beethoven, Einstein and etc. This feel weird in some ways. However, I do like the performance by Anna Sophia Robb.She shines in the movie although it's very dark. Hahaha, not a must watch movies in my humble opinion.

16 August 2018
Fantasy horror movie!
This is an fantasy and horror movie. Better watch together with friends and family. Good storyline and worth to watch.

Jason Wu
22 August 2018
Not an usual horror movie
At first dont really understand what is this movie about until towards the end only realised how all the things happenned inside the house and purpose of the “school”

16 August 2018
Down a dark hall
Down a dark hall - horror movie.

Alfredo Jr Dominguez
22 August 2018
Watching them feels like back to being a teenager. They act well and putting emotion on it. Good jon

Kasturi Mohamed Fuad
19 August 2018
Tak best
Jangan tengok weh.. serius x best.. pening dengan jalan cerita dia.. mengarut.. baik tengok citer Pooh

Evelyn Evangeline
17 August 2018
Not a fans of horror movie but decided to watch it and is impressed by it! Reallyshout out loud inside cinema!

Hashina Jasmine
16 August 2018
This horror movie just made my student story.......who loves supernatural story must watch this movie

Sai-Yew Lau
24 August 2018
A dark movie but not quite a horror
The movie revolves around 5 teenage girls staying in a boarding school. Together with their teachers, they encounter super natural events which doesn’t really make sense...

16 August 2018
The storyline is a little long-winded and draggy, and quite confusing at certain scenes. The scary element is not that strong.

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