Extreme Job (2019)

P13 / Korean / Action / Comedy / 1 Hour 51 Minutes

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A police undercover operation takes a delicious, unexpected turn.

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Wong Kok Chueng
13 April 2019
Unexpected good

Story: 4 | Acting: 4 | Visual: 3 | Music: 3 | Overall: 4

The latest Korean vigilant comedy which break the Korean box office records recently. The story tells of a group of five people in the police force who are facing a disbanded crisis because of poor performance. Suddenly they got a clue, but they had to lurk in a fried chicken shop, monitor the drug dealers, and later changed their identity, simply bought the poor-performing fried chicken shop, and honestly started the fried chicken business. Unexpectedly, They made a very delicious fried chicken by mistake, and the fried chicken restaurant burst into red all night, causing the business to endlessly, but the five of them did not forget the original intention. . . At the beginning of the movie, the audience was given the illusion that the "five-person team was just a miscellaneous army that was ineffective and misunderstood", which led to laughter, especially when five people questioned that they were fried chickens or investigated cases. At the time, it is even more laughable. However, in fact, they are all capable of investigating the case or fried chicken! In summary, the five-person team ensures that they are entertaining and entertaining when performing their business or sideline activities.

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