One Two Jaga: Cross Road (2018)

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One Two Jaga Directed by Nam Ron, the film follows a rookie cop and his superior on the immigration beat and a pair of Indonesian siblings that are trying to find their way home without passports. Things take a turn when the rookie cop finds out that his superior is corrupt.

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One Two Jaga: Cross Road Reviews

Leonard Lim WK
31 August 2018
Intense movie. One of the best
One of the best action movie that are so intense and with great casts and continuous storyline for the enjoyment of all

Nurul ikrom
6 September 2018
Intense local movie.
Great movie.Great cast great storyline great actor.This movie is beyond my expectation for local movie.

Mohd Hafiz bin Abdul Razak
8 September 2018
Filem Melayu Terbaik 2018
All the cast was so talented. I love ario bayu and for sure all malaysian acts.. Its a story about corruption by police regardimg with the illegal immigrant.. 5 star.. A VERY must malaysian movie for NEW MALAYSIA ..

7 September 2018
This movie is filled with suspense-filled plot and intense scenes of standing up for what is right even if it means standing alone.

Alexander Lamb
12 September 2018
Great movie
This movie is very real and very realistic. I cannot believe that this movie is allowed to be shown on the cinema. The movie is so great and it reflect some if the social problem in Malaysia such as corruption and foreign worker. This movie should definitely be watched by Malaysian.

Azza Mohamad
10 September 2018
great movie
enjoy watching this movie.. one of local movie with good storyline about corruption.. so everything is interesting

Mohd saiful
9 September 2018
Great cast.
I dont know why this movie is not attract attention of Malaysia.For me,this movie is great.Great cast great storyline,great director.Good job Namron.

Lam Tzi Eng
7 September 2018
One two jaga
Nice movie ever,the director and actors did a great work ,I enjoy the show so much ,amazing living it

8 September 2018
One of the local movie about corruption. The storyline is simple but great performance by the cast. Nice to watch.

Aizat Arsenal King
21 September 2018
Filem aksi Melayu terbaik 2018
Salah satu filem aksi Melayu yang terbaik. X rugi tengok filem ni lebih dari sekali di panggung wayang. Setiap pelakon berlakon dengan sangat baik dan menjiwai watak. Si polis botak penerima rasuah agak kekok bila bab berlawan dan pegang senjata. Tetapi dia hebat bila bawa watak bersahaja dan juga terpaksa untuk menerima rasuah untuk menyara keluarga.

Chong Pei Chee
19 September 2018
Something refreshingly different
At last, a Malaysian movie that depicts the reality of locals and migrants. Acting is superb all round. Wish that the ending could be more eleborate, but still a good movie.

Zarak Khan
17 September 2018
The real deal
This movie the real deal and the ideal very authentic and sophisticated movie with a good strategy cool

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