Pulang (2018)

P13 / Malay / Biography / Drama / Historical / 120 min

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Inspired by a real-life story that took place in Malaysia during the '40s. It tells the story of husband and wife Othman and Thom. Othman decides to sail the world, hoping for riches, and promises his wife that he will return. 61 years later, she still waits for him.

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Pulang Reviews

26 July 2018
Ok to watch!
Based on a real-life story that took place in the 40's. The story is about a trust between husband and wife.

10 August 2018
This movie did an excellent job at making me an emotional wreck by the end of the movie.

Alexander Lamb
3 August 2018
Pretty good Malaysia Movie
I was watching it last few days and the movie is quite good. It is based on a real story so the story itself is pretty convincing. We as a Malaysian should support good local production and this Pulang is directed properly. Overall, the screenplay is okay and the actors performance are good. This is especially true to Puteri Aishah Sulaiamn as she is acting as a desperate wife who wait for the pulang of his husband. Go support Malaysian movie.

Evelyn Evangeline
19 August 2018
As the movie's name implied, it is about the returning of a husband which is desperately awaiting by his wife. A touching story which will move audience.

Hashina Jasmine Jasz
11 August 2018
Sang isteri yang menunggu kepulangan suaminya....best one...love the graphics....those who act need high imagination....superb

10 August 2018
Pulang indeed nice movie
Great to watch with family and nice scenes as it is quite touching which makes me feel happy to watch with family.

Leonard Lim WK
8 August 2018
Nice Malay movie with good casts and characters hard to forget in this movie Jom go watch this together with family and friends

Aji En
6 August 2018
Cerita Melayu yg bagus
Banyak pengajaran, nilai-nilai murni yg boleh kita ikutkan. Angle kamera yang diambil pun lain movie melayu yang sebelum ni.

Amirul Aiman
4 August 2018
Worth the Tears
It contains it all. Friendship. Love. Humour. Action. Heart. Good acting. Superb production. Definitely a nice story line. A great big step forward for the local film industry

Ahmad Fazliyan
2 August 2018
Watch it!
Nak tau movie yg best? tgk movie ni! ...............................................................

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