Reside (2019)

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The Jit Asongkhai (Infinity Spiritual Centre) cult, consisting of Madame and her apprentices Dej, Prang, Soy, Kruea, Krit and Nop, gathers at a house they use as their headquarters to perform a ritual to bring a body back to life. While gathered around a dead body, they chant to call a spirit to come to it but suddenly they find themselves fighting back vagabonds spirits that are trying to come inside and possess them instead. Trapped inside the house as a storm rages outside, they will have to figure out why the spirits are targeting their bodies as hosts and find a way out of the predicament.

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Wong Kok Chueng
10 March 2019
A thriller movie that you can consider to watch.

Story: 3 | Acting: 3 | Visual: 4 | Music: 3 | Overall: 4

The Main actor of the movie "Shutter", once again starred in the Thai horror movie. The film tells a group of member from a religious spiritual associations to hold a evangelistic ceremony, in order to call the dead person back to the world; but unexpectedly, They have recruited the ghosts, and made a fuss in the house. The seven people that each with his own axe to grind, began to be possessed one by one, and whole house could not be peaceful. . . Although the overall horror atmosphere is not good enough, but the concept and turning point are good, the rhythm is also ok, and the interpretation of the actors is quite in place. The film presents the most sinister rituals in Thai religion to the audience. The story of self-immolation is suspenseful, and there is a turning point in the ending. There are surprises!

Anna Tsukiya
15 March 2019
Story Plot is Too Vague and Cringy

Story: 1 | Acting: 2 | Visual: 1 | Music: 1 | Overall: 2

The most laughable and cringy horror movie I ever watched. The character developments are very unclear. Most of the audiences laugh in theather because how funny the ghosts acting are. The long credit at the beginning is not necessary which made us staring at a skull for 5 minutes. Plus, overused horror buzzing sound effect is so annoying to listen. Not worth my time.

Mohd Hafiz bin Abdul Razak
13 March 2019
A plot twist of Reside
Overall: 0
Ananda is back.. This time a plot twist was believable. Ananda was one of the thai finest actor. I can find it a nice horror movie, but the originality a bit lacky . I find it copying a bit korean horror , but thw story still ok but not remarkable. Please to read out the english subs as the malay one abit left behind .. Ananda still remain the best act one..

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