Satyameva Jayate (2018)

18 / Hindi / Action / Thriller / Not Available

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Driven by his harrowing past and a strong sense of justice, Vir sets out on a mission to take down the corrupt and degenerate cops of Mumbai. Fearing the next attack, the Commissioner calls upon DCP Shivansh, a righteous police officer who is determined to stop his violent killing spree. Divided by the law, an epic game of cat-and-mouse ensues, and the two men soon find themselves facing the same enemy.

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Golden Screen Cinema

GSC NU Sentral
GSC Quill City Mall

Satyameva Jayate Reviews

Leonard Lim WK
18 August 2018
Action movie so intense and fun Visual effects amazed me from head to toes Worth the watch again and again

Hashina Jasmine
18 August 2018
John charming hero came back...cant wait to see u in cinemas johnn abraham...sure will watch...

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