Searching (2018)

P13 / English / Thriller / 101 min

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David Kim's 16-year-old daughter, Margot, has gone missing. When police investigation leads nowhere, he decides to use her laptop to contact her friends and figure out her whereabouts by looking for clues in her photos and videos.

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Searching Reviews

20 September 2018
Love the point of view of the movie, very uniquely put together. It kinda put the message of how advanced technology is and how scary it can be too.

Alexander Lamb
21 September 2018
Thus us very awesome and exciting
This movie is presented in a very new way, almost all story is done on the computer screen. Moreover, the rhythm of the movie is pretty good and there are a lot of turnaround. Nevertheless, I'd you think it back, then you will think the twist and suspense are reasonable. In the movie, all social media is being played and portrayed. The movie is done in less than 3 weeks but it took them 2 year to edit the movie in front of coMputer. This is a movie for us, the new generation. Stylish presentation, amazing thriller and suspense, the movie just keep your interest and make you wonder what is the truth

Lam Tzi Eng
21 September 2018
Not bad
This movie is not bad , can go and watch ,the movie is something about the advancement of the technology and also the dark side it brings

Chong Pei Chee
21 September 2018
Not your usual kind of movie. The Point Of View movie is like a VR style way of looking at the drama unfolding in front of our eyes.

Leonard Lim WK
20 September 2018
Great plot
Great plot with superb story telling and plot twist so intense and gripping you to your seat till the very end !

Aizat Arsenal King
21 September 2018
Searching skills
Good storyline using only communication technology and social media to search the main person. Would love how the director make back to back plot twist before revealing the truth. Great ending at the end.

Azza Mohamad
20 September 2018
must watch!! clever.. so fresh.. excellent storyline..with good actors.. suspenseful drama..innovative filmmaking style

Sai-Yew Lau
20 September 2018
Searching - refreshing but not astonishing
Imagine Paranormal Activity but instead of supernatural horror plot, it’s a movie about a missing girl and how her father uses her digital footprint in search of her. I have to admit that the filming was very innovative. However I wasn’t able to connect emotionally with the characters, except maybe the wife!! It’s watchable for the technical part but do bare with the acting.

Viknesh Suresh
6 September 2018
The movie is very entertaining and thrilling with a unique point of view .

Hashina Jasmine Jasz
23 September 2018
Good story
Best chinese story.....good to watch with family n friends....amzing n talented ast.....

Mohd saiful
26 September 2018
Love of a father and good and bad side of technolgy.Almost 80% screenplay about the technology thing.Awesome.

Evelyn Evangeline
24 September 2018
An awesome movie which depicts the impact of social media to people's life. The movie plot is intense too!

Mohd Hafiz bin Abdul Razak
9 October 2018
Searching is a SUPERB movie.
Ive watched it twice and this is very RECOMMENDED MOVIE. where u guys can find a movie that need us to think, its actually has double plot twist. We never thought who actually do the things to Margot.. Thats why this is a 5 star movie

Hakim Zainuddin
2 October 2018
Face pace thriller
Plot: Awal diperkenalkan dengan watak utama; dad, mom, daughter. Dalam 30 minit baru start thrill. Plot twist awesome dalam filem ni. Aku suka. Penonton takkan duk diam. Theme: Family, kasih sayang mak ayah kat anak, social network, detective, selfish, mencapub, Setting movie: Ini yang paling unik pasal filem ni. Semua scene melalui 3rd person view iaitu laptop, phone. Pastu dia pakai hampir semua apps penting untuk rekod memory; IE, Chrome, Windows 2000xp, YM, MAC, Facetime, Facebook, Gmail, Youtube lama, Google Map, Tumblr, Youcast, Windows Media Player. Rumusan Pro: mendebarkan sepanjang cerita. Cons: entah. Tak nampak pulak. 4/5 untuk thriller movie. A must watch to those who seek an fast pace thriller.

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