The Darkest Minds (2018)

P13 / English / Science Fiction / Thriller / Not Available

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Imprisoned by an adult world that now fears everyone under 18, a group of teens form a resistance group to fight back and reclaim control of their future.

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Leonard Lim WK
18 August 2018
Inspiring and amazing acting from young adults Truly inspiring love story and it is very touching to watch

Alexander Lamb
15 August 2018
Teenage movie
Obviously, this is a teen movie and very much alike to the hunger games and divergent series. It's up to the teen to save the world and black bla bla. However, in my opinion, this movie is much better than the two series as first of all, the screenplay is more interesting, more elements and even sad emotions are being inserted into the movie. Secondly, the graphic and overall structure of the movie feel smoother. We can feel how Ruby feel along the movie and how heartbroken she was seen she is forced to erase the memory from her boyfriend. Over all, bring tissue for your girlfriend as she is most likely to burst into tears.

15 August 2018
The Darkest Mind
The Darkest mind - so so only.

Kasturi Mohamed Fuad
19 August 2018
Boleh la
Jalan cerita x berapa bagus.. agak bosan.. kalau ada filem lain, baik tengok filem lain.. yang ni x berapa rekemen

Evelyn Evangeline
19 August 2018
The Darkest Minds
The movie plot of superpower teenages is kinda predictable. Nonetheless, this movie delivers thoughts which is worth to watch!

Hashina Jasmine Jasz
18 August 2018
Darkkest minds
Darkest minds......darkest mindsss......darkest mindssss.......shoutout for this movie...............

Alfredo Jr Dominguez
5 September 2018
Watch It
This movie expect a sci-fi action with some drama. Kids and teens can easily understand the story. Love it

Nurul ikrom
4 September 2018
Shoutout for this movie.Screenplay is interesting.Not even giving me chance to sleep in the cinema like I always did.

18 August 2018
Pumped up
This movie portrays the adversaries the youths have to face and how to overcome those by working together.

Shaan Cross
5 September 2018
For me it feels like a copy of X-men story, they should make it more long and funny because it only.

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