The First Purge (2018)

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The film will be a prequel that will focus on the events that lead up to the very first Purge event.

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The First Purge Reviews

4 August 2018
The movie is good with the crime scene as the purge movie we knew..but the plot was predictable and the ending not so interesting.. but atleast we knew how the series of the purge starting that was the big question we had ever since wathing the sequel..

Leonard Lim WK
9 August 2018
Scary yet intense gun shooting and political plots that are so true and worrying at the same time A must watch

Cherinee Wong
8 August 2018
Not bad
It's the Purge we know but with a spin on how it all started. There were a lot of predictable moments but it was still enjoyable overall to be viewed in the movies.

Evelyn Evangeline
6 August 2018
This movie sequel is comparably less exciting compared to the previous two movies. However, it is still an entertaining movie.

Alexander Lamb
5 August 2018
I dislike it
Overall, it think it is the worst out of the series. The first movie of the series is stunning and marvellous. However, the script writer and production team seem to run out of gas currently. This movie seem to repeat it's previous series and didn't give us a surprise.

Jessye Leng
3 August 2018
Not the most impressive Purge
*SPOILER AHEAD* This movie definitely has a predictable storyline, some questionable plot holes and unrealistic scenes (the protagonist single-handedly defeated all the antagonists who are supposedly professional killers??), but it's The Purge so I guess that's not really the main point of it? As part of The Purge franchise, it does tie up well with the other movies to introduce viewers with how it all began. If you're all about the violence, this movie might fall short compared to the other Purge movies as well. Overall I do enjoy this movie though, pretty happy that the cinema didn't cut out much (or any) violent scenes this time!

2 August 2018
Love the plot
The movie was lit af. You know like a gang being the saviour for the innocent like really cool to me

Sha Farid
2 August 2018
It was okay
The movie was okay but lacking tge quality of the 1st and 2nd Purge movies. It's good to watch if you are an avid fan of the The Purge franchise.

Muhammad hafizuddin bin Hussain
18 August 2018
This movie is awesome and awesome and awesome and awesome and awesome and awesome and awesome and awesome and

Jason Wu
18 August 2018
Expecting more
Maybe because it is the story of how First Purge started.. prefer the other Purge movie as it involved more intense killing

11 August 2018
So so
It was so so . Not the best in the series . Much room for improvement. Can be better.

Zarak Khan
10 August 2018
Just like all the other purges
Was an ok meh kinda movie. Same thing repeating again and again which we have been exposed to in the past movies

3 August 2018
Crazy movie
Not so good if compared to the previous purge series. However, the story of the movie is insane and not good to watch.

Hashina Jasmine
2 August 2018
I like it
I want to watch with family

Aaron Kwok
17 August 2018
Boring boring, no frank grillo, story is mediocre, not scary enough, as a prequel, it should be more uplifting the plot storyline.

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