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18 / English / Thriller / Not Available

Director Jordan Peele 
Cast Lupita Nyong'o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Tim Heidecker 
Release Date 21 March 2019


02 April 2019
Best horror
Plot twist terbaik. Seram teruk. Meremang buku roma. X expect cerita macam ni. Mmg recommended. Best teruk

Jason Tuam
01 April 2019
Okay my mistake, this has to be one of the best 'horror' movie in years. Simple hints and symbols in certain scene that can be open for hours of interpretation, along with suspenseful(real fear I meant it) thought provoking moments. Yes there's little flaws here and there but you wouldn't even mind when it reaches the final act, there's more to this than meets the eye. Who would have thought a joker with such great mind, just take the 2nd Oscar already damn it. Ah yes the soundtrack was fantastique too

09 April 2019
Good, but I’d give it a 4/5
Overall the movie was definitely satisfying. However, when made in comparison with Peele’s Get Out, I’d say that movie has more justice done to it.

Wong Kok Chueng
29 March 2019
Highly recommended
In 2017, Jordan Peele, a former comedian, self-directed his first feature film, “Get Out”, and the suspenseful thriller won numerous awards and won the last Oscar for best original script. This time, Jordan Peele and the production team of "Get Out" continued to launch "Us", a thriller with the theme of a group of strange person who looks exactly like us . The film is still organized in a highly creative story, with the right atmosphere and the right soundtrack. The appearance of the second "four blacks" in the movie made people applaud. The unexpected second "four whites" was even more icing on the cake, even though the film had not much turning point and the plot has a little out of tune after the second "four whites" was destroyed, but it doesn’t affects the visibility of the movie. The audience can laugh with amazement and leave the cinema with full satisfaction!

Darren Chew
26 March 2019
A Good Follow-up to A Great Movie
While Get Out was more of a social thriller, the start of US makes it abundantly clear that Jordan Peele has set out to make a pure horror movie for his second directorial feature. In many ways, US is spectacular. Peeles directing is intense and methodical - many a times I caught myself holding my breath during this movie - and the acting, particularly Lupita Nyong O, is outstanding. However, the ending leaves a little to be desired, and the overall story when revealed, makes little to no sense. However, US is still a remarkable achievement for Jordan Peele and one salivates in anticipation of his next feature.

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