2.0 (Telugu) (2018)

PG13 / Telugu / Action / Science Fiction / Thriller / 150 min

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The Government fails to reason the phenomenon and seeks the help from prominent scientists from the country. Dr. Vaseegaran suggests to reassemble Chitti as the phenomenon is beyond science and they need something as powerful as Chitti to fight against it.

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2.0 (Telugu) Reviews

Dare to watch
9 December 2018
Magnificent visuals that's rarely seen in Indian cinema.

Story: 4 | Acting: 4 | Visual: 4 | Music: 4 | Overall: 4

Undoubtedly the best ever visual experience that Indian cinema has ever produced. Kudos to Shankar and his team for coming up with groundbreaking stuff. Go watch it. Thumbs up for Akshay Kumar’s crazy act as the menacing bird man.

22 December 2018
Overall: 0
Not bad for a tamil movie... Thought there were flaws in the visuals... But claps for Shankar to make such a movie... As for Rajini.. No words... Akshay... Man of the movie...

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