212 Warrior: The Adventures Of Wiro Sableng (2018)

PG / Indonesian / Action / Adventure / Fantasy / 123 min

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The Malay Archipelago, 16th century. Wiro Sableng (Vino G Bastian), a young apprentice of a mysterious warrior named Sinto Gendeng (Ruth Marini), receives a mandate from his teacher to capture Mahesa Birawa (Yayan Ruhian), his traitorous former student. In his search for Mahesa Birawa, Wiro is drawn into an exciting adventure with two new friends Anggini (Sherina Munaf) and Bujang Gila Tapak Sakti (Fariz Alfarazi). In the end, not only does Wiro reveal Mahesa Birawa’s vile plan, he also found the true essence of being a warrior.

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212 Warrior: The Adventures Of Wiro Sableng Reviews

11 October 2018
Wiro Sableng!
Overall: 5
I grew up watching the series so this movie really excites me and brings back childhood memories. Interesting plot and storyline packed with lots of funny scenes and actions (better to watch in cinema bcs the sound effect is superb). If you like old indonesian pendekar fighting stories, this is the one for you. But even if you don't, this is still worth watching. I don't mind watching it again either. :D

Qwerty Bernie Test
16 October 2018
Overall: 5

Bo Bo Oo
19 October 2018
Overall: 5

Ng Joven
16 October 2018
Overall: 5

Tan Zhi Jian
16 October 2018
Overall: 5

Teddy Rufus
14 October 2018
Really interesting
Overall: 4
Something very different from your recent movies, film in a concept similar to action movies in the past. Interesting to watch

Dare to watch
10 October 2018
Entertaining for a light watch.
Overall: 4
Based on the novel written by Bastian Tito. The actor who plays Wiro, Vino G Bastian, is the son of the Wiro Sableng novels’ author. The film’s cinematography is quite nice. Entertaining for a light watch.

Elaine Chang
21 October 2018
Overall: 4
An adventure movie which I find it refreshing. Entertaining story line with many humorous and fighting scenes.

Nurul Khairunnisa Kamal
23 October 2018
Funny lame
Overall: 4
Funny lame with some computerised animation. Typical storyline yet entertaining enough to make u sit back and watch

10 November 2018
Overall: 4
Wiro Sableng is a good action movie set in the historical context. Nice and interesting storyline.

Yeo Mei Lin
9 November 2018
Overall: 4

Babalu Chuahan
21 October 2018
Overall: 4

19 October 2018
Overall: 4

Bryan Chan
11 October 2018
Overall: 4

Devendran Raj
16 October 2018
Overall: 3

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