3AM Part 3 (2018)

PG13 / Thai / Horror / 101 min

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Director: Pawat Panangkasiri, Ping Thammanoon, James Thanadol, Nitiwat Cholwanichsiri
Cast: Passornkorn Chirathivat Nachjaree Horvejkul Cheranut Yusanonda Worakarn Rojanawat Numchok Thanatram Natee Ekwijit
Release Date:  2018-04-12 00:00:00
Running Time:  101 min
Distributor:  Cathay Cineplexes


The new horror ensemble from Five Star continues the journey into the darkest and scariest hour of the night: 3AM. When man and spirit, the living and the dead, find each other again.
Every night Pim starts her shift in boredom. She works as night-shift toll collector at an expressway toll gate. The only distraction she has is social media, in which she actively posts and gives comments. At 3AM tonight, strange things happen to her while on the shift. Pim is terrorized by an evil spirit determined to take her life.
TAN is a painting restorer who likes to spend wild nightlife with his friends, curing loneliness with partying and clubbing. OIL is Tan’s ex who tries every way to restore their relationship. But it’s clear that Oil’s insistence only irritates Tan even more. One night at a nightclub, Tan meets NAPAS. A mysterious, seductive woman, Napas puts Tan in a spell.
Sam arrives an hour late at the set. He’s a director of a television shopping program, and once he’s at the shoot he starts giving out orders until everyone is unhappy with his bossy attitude. Sam is a professional, but he’s also arrogant, snobbish, and always late to work, which means the shoot will finish late. Tonight strange things happen on the set.

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3AM Part 3 Reviews

James Tan
14 April 2018
Only ghost movie that makes me sleep
Worst ghost movie ever, don't waste your money. The only thing they use to scare you is loud sound, no plot no suspense

Nita Nur Haney
14 April 2018
Dont deserve any stars
Worst horror Thai movie. Only the 1st part of the 3 story make sense. Part 2 and 3? Waste of money and time.

13 April 2018
Is the worst that horror.
Been watching all Thai horror movies. Even the first part of 3am. This part 3 is the worst plot and story line. Didn't understand what's going on. And not nice at all. Put up a ghost for the sake of movie.

15 April 2018
Could have been better. Watch the previous parts and it's not as bad as this one. Was looking forward to the horror scenes but it was meh

Nur Hakim Sandro
15 April 2018
How you get brain cancer
This is how u get brain cancer. Dont get brain cancer. Love your life, love ur neighbour, love ur fren.

Jonathan Ng
13 April 2018
2/10 ghost movie
Worst Thai ghost movie I have ever watched, 2 points is only for the 2-3 parts that are linked 2/10 ghost movie

Gorky Kh
16 April 2018
Not good
Movie is not so good it's not scary also.............................................................

Redigu Liew
13 April 2018
Nice horror movie
This is a horror movie tat very scary. I watch the episode one and episode two and now it is time to watch the three!

Claudia Ling
20 April 2018
ermmm istg is like rotten lame movieee. hahahaha waste ma money and like dont watch it but if u want go ahead hahahahahahha :D

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