A Private War (2019)

M18 / English / Biography / Drama / War / 110 min

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A biographical drama film on one of the most celebrated war correspondents, Marie Colvin. When she is not downing martinis with society`s elite, she is brazenly staring down warlords and escaping from gunfire. In order to give voice to the voiceless, this rebellious spirit often charges fearlessly into danger, going to the frontline of conflicts across the globe.

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James CCG
4 February 2019

Story: 5 | Acting: 4 | Visual: 5 | Music: 4 | Overall: 5

Based on a true story about one woman’s outstanding courage & passion despite the odds. Raw, honest & brutal...

Dare to watch
6 February 2019

Story: 4 | Acting: 4 | Visual: 4 | Music: 4 | Overall: 4

This is not an easy movie to watch, harsh scenes of war-torn countries and showing real people that have actually been effected by real tragedies. Terrific performance from Rosamund Pike. She has altered her voice to mimic the deeper tone of Marie Colvin The movie builds to the extreme violence in Syria and one scene in particular that will haunt me due to the rampant and indiscriminate death rained down by government forces.

Cayden CoOlz
1 February 2019

Story: 2 | Acting: 2 | Visual: 2 | Music: 2 | Overall: 2


Sharan Dhillon
7 February 2019
A Private war

Story: 0 | Acting: 0 | Visual: 0 | Music: 1 | Overall: 1

Nice,madam has gr heart.vry brave lady.human being has truth nature .she has such a confidence really good example for other ladies.

Leslie Tan
4 February 2019
Melancholic movie
Overall: 0
A very melancholic show. The internal struggles of Marie is superbly portray by Rosamund. Cannot help but full of admiration for how Marie treaded into uncharted waters for her beliefs and selflessness.

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