A Quiet Place (2018)

PG13 / English / Drama / Horror / Thriller / Not Available

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Director: John Krasinski
Cast: John Krasinski Emily Blunt Noah Jupe Millicent Simmonds
Release Date:  2018-04-05 00:00:00
Running Time:  Not Available
Distributor:  United International Pictures


In a post-apocalyptic world, a family is forced to live in silence while hiding from monsters with ultra-sensitive hearing...

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A Quiet Place Reviews

Shih Ying Gun
5 April 2018
Loud in suspense
While some scenes are quite predictable and some may make one question its rationality, A Quiet Place packs a rather loud punch in terms of suspense. With a promisingly fresh Rotten Tomatoes rating, I had rather high expectations and the movie certainly did not disappoint. All previous horror movies I've watched have earned hearty laughs (even if others may be screaming instead) but this is the one show where I've only managed a muffled giggle at best. A Quiet Place is truly a thrilling ride that will silence any viewer with its brilliant acting and purposeful direction...

Adrian Ho
5 April 2018
Modern Horror Masterpiece
A Quiet Place has an interesting concept on paper that had been executed perfectly on screen by the talented cast and great use of the musical score. This is the definition of suspense. The tension was pulpable and the whole movie was just exhilarating from start to finish. This may be one of the best films of this year. A definite must-watch. I think this will go down as one of the Modern Classics for Horror Films.

Xiong Rong
5 April 2018
Love it
Alright first this movie is awesome, love the cast and love the concept. It was silence, suspenseful and scary. Never have i watch a movie this silence and the tense is real, other then the acting the sound design are kind of the main character here as it was done purposeful and unwavering. Go and watch it if you’re a horror or thriller movie lover and i am sure you will love it.

Kelis Tham
4 April 2018
Never have the theatre been more quiet
Sit back and get ready for the silence... and suspense... because... it's really... really... really quiet... shhhh..........

3 April 2018
Should watch it if you like horror shows

Wan Ying
8 April 2018
Intense silent movie
This movie was done really well and some of the scenes would make someone panic. The plot seemed realistic and not over dramatised and it was a good portrayal of family and love.

Zhongming Poh
5 April 2018
Probably one of the dumbest movies ever.
Cheap scare tactics. Nonsensical story line. The entire plot borders on being imbecilic. How a family of such morons could survive more than a year into the background of the movie’s plot is just mind boggling.

*movie time*
7 April 2018
Tense And Exciting! Good Watch~
Not much of a horror~ More of thriller and adventure. Impressed by how the story develops. Not bad! Portrays the fatherly love well. The ending was pretty unexpected with the last scene by daughter and mum (holding the gun ready to fight). That last scene just got everyone in the threatre laughing. Be relieved that this doesnt happens in real life~ Good watch!

Durga Morgan
7 April 2018
the most dumbest movie i ever watched
Boring i nearly slept

sally chu
3 April 2018
willing to watch
willing to watch waiting for more review

6 April 2018
not a fan of thriller but have to admit this one is soooo damn good in many ways

Kitorni Tay
17 April 2018
9.3/10 cover your mouth
If u want to take a selfie with a full theatre doing the same action as you, watch this and you know what I mean. It is so silent until breathing can be heard, it is more a thrilling than a horror movie. Great job by the director and producers. It is certainly the movie of the month if there is no infinite war

11 April 2018
Don't bother watching
The amount of times I yawned watching this movie is innumerable; even my lectures excite me more than this. What could have been an excellent storyline ended up as a lullaby for bedtime. Really, really boring. Full of plotholes and poor execution. If you want to waste your money, consider donating them to a charity instead; at least you'll feel better afterwards.

5 April 2018
Cloverfield wannabe
Idea and execution are good but plot holes aplenty. Mastered sign language in 89 days? Getting knocked up after the alien invasion, knowing full well that babies, ahem, make noise? Mattress makes the basement sound proof?

James CCG
4 April 2018
Creative storyline with a good cast. A well-thought out movie.

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