Ah Boys To Men 4 (2017)

PG13 / Mandarin / Comedy / Drama / 135 min

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Singapore's most successful movie franchise is back! After leaving the military, Lobang, Wayang King, Sergeant Ong, and Ken Chow are all busy with their respective career as civilians. That's until they are called back to serve the nation again under the Singapore Armed Forces' Armoured Formation. Now they must juggle between work and their reservist duties. What hilarious situations will happen as they train together and their military roles are reversed? There'll be new enemy threats and their brotherhood will be put to the test.

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Ah Boys To Men 4 Reviews

William Lin
11 November 2017
Seriously not Jack Neo style.. Disappointed
Seriously it is absolutely the worst movie produced by Jack Neo.. All his past movies were top notch... But this was a super let down.. Ad placements everywhere... Boring story line... No character development.. Poor patched & rushed production.. Even the supposedly high budget hdb shot were super out of place.... Worst of all, the apple Chan is totally not suitable for the role of the officer... 1.5/10 stars

11 November 2017
Nail in the coffin for Jack Neo?
I loved Mr Neo's older movies like "I Not Stupid" and "Money Not Enough". They were fresh, honest reflections on Singaporean culture. ABTM4 is the antithesis of those films. Mr Neo has clearly been bought by the government and commercial interests. ABTM4 reeks of propaganda and adverts. Skip it.

Jia Jie Eng
9 November 2017
Horrible ABTM experience
It’s more like watching an advertisement than movie

9 November 2017
not recommended
too much advertising

Love Riel
9 November 2017
I love it
Althru I really think not much meaning behind. Bt work life is too stress, Is still worth to watch for alot of laughter. Not bad

Nurul ain
9 November 2017
Worse out of the 4 Abtm series

Prince Danchino
7 November 2017

11 November 2017
Boring, it’s like watching advertisements
Right before the movie started was already one after another of boring Jack Neo advertisements. Expected the movie to be good but it started off with... many more advertisements like Brands, Goldkili etc. Thought it was ok if it was only at the start, but NO. It was just product after product. In between little laughs, you see another advertisement. Worst ABTM movie.

Zigs Ling
9 November 2017
So much cb advertising, not a show anymore

Kaiyuan Chen
12 November 2017
Absolute shit
Really bad. Poor storyline and bad acting. Shameless product placement from start to finish. It has been a while since I watched a movie this bad I feel obliged to warn others about it.

Paul Aw Teck Woon
9 November 2017
Quite a few brand placement, I think it's very nice for people who are in armor or armour infantry with the nostalgia. Can't escape the "propaganda" though

Mindy Chong
12 November 2017
133min long of advertisement
Absolutely waste of time and money for the movie. Endless stream of adverts and the storyline? Boring.

9 November 2017
Interesting and funny.

Chris Lim
11 November 2017
Worst movies of the year
Don't waste your money

Patrick Ong
10 November 2017
Longest Advertisment
Must be more than 100 ads all in one long waste time “movie”

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