Alita: Battle Angel Movie Poster

Alita: Battle Angel

P13 / English / Science Fiction / 122 min

Director Robert Rodriguez 
Cast Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly, Mahershala Ali, Ed Skrein, Jackie Earle Haley, Keean Johnson 
Release Date 05 February 2019


10 February 2019
Hoping for a sequel
An amazing story showing though you can’t change your past, who you are will never change. Either you embrace yourself or lose yourself in the process of life journey.. Love the visuals!!

Chris Young
07 February 2019
One of the best movie in 2019
Interesting plot, non-boring moments. The animation & cg effects blending with human actors are very great & awesome. Thumbs up!

Chris Chia
07 February 2019
Excellent movie,
Excellent casts, excellent 3D works, great story buildup and storyline. It’s been a while since there’s a quality like this

Jacklyn Sin
10 February 2019
Don't miss.
Love it, awesome, does not disappoint. Can't wait for the sequel already, hope it won't be too long a wait.

Hannah Wye
11 February 2019
Well Done Production Effect
The 3D effect are very fine. The scene that always drawn by illustrator or appeared in game now appear in movie. The city is designed very well, cybots as well. Story was going smooth though it was a bit too violent. Angle of shooting were done in neat. Eveything is done with patience. Totally worth the price.

Low Shi Yong
12 February 2019
This was amazing, action-packed, and a delight to watch! Although Alita’s abnormally huge eyes were a little off-putting, I still really enjoyed watching the characters and how this story played out. This deserves a sequel!

06 February 2019
CGI is very realistic. Storyline flows and connects well. Very impressive. Action packed throughout the show.

Priscilla Jigoku Shoujo Lay
14 February 2019
Movie was fantastic! Interesting plot where everything flows, packed with action, and the 3D and CG effects were of top quality as well. Also, judging by the movie end, there seems fo be a sequel. Definitely recommend this movie.

Lyon Wong
13 February 2019
Fantastic Show
I love the effects, action and especially the story line. One of the best movies I've watched. Cant wait for the sequel.

Muhd Amir Osman
06 February 2019
A must watch and awesome and fantastic movie with families, friends, couple partners... You should not miss it...

14 February 2019
Super great movie!
The trailer is already so good, the movie is super marvelous!!! Great 3D effect!!! It is 2 hours long but packed with actions and interesting storyline/plot that wont bore you and keeps you up throughout. 11/10! Can't wait for the sequel!!

08 February 2019
Nice movie
Totally enjoyed it. Exciting action and story.about what it is to be human. Totally worth the time and money!

Teddy Rufus
14 February 2019
Must watch
I wasn't a fan when i first though it was simply an animation but the movie simply blow me away. Love the storyline and i can't wait for the part 2 to be out...

James CCG
11 February 2019
Interesting storyline with lots of action sequences and mind-blowing state-of-the-art special effects. WOW!

13 February 2019
Great action, story and animation.
Sequel soon please. If you love action, you shouldn’t miss this movie.

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