Animal World (2018)

PG13 / Mandarin / Action / Adventure / Drama / NA

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With his mother in a vegetative state, she relies on Zheng Kaisi and his childhood sweetheart Liuqing for survival. Kaisi doesn`t have any aim in life, however, and ends up in debt. He then joins a mysterious gambling party on a ship called "Destiny", hoping to win because if he does, all his debts will be cleared. There is only one rule: any tricks can be used during the game. Kaisi will have to survive the various tricks and schemes planned by the leader, Anderson, in order to win.

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Animal World Reviews

29 June 2018
Not bad!
This movie is pretty twisted, a mixed of clown, racing, crime, all you have it, in this show. But to be honest this show is pretty underrated

30 June 2018
Best Chinese movie of the year
I must say Li Yifeng’s acting has improved so much in this movie, and all the action scenes are so great!

Joi Chu
30 June 2018
not bad!
I think it's not bad but animation wise can be better! love the main lead acting though! on point!!!

Paul Liew
28 June 2018
Movie rating
Good movie very nice and will be very good if it was original. Will rewatch it again and again !!!!!!

3 July 2018
Worth the watch!
Mind blown!! Overall plot was good even though the animnations were not really necessary imo. Still, it was worth watching.

Thomas Cheong
1 July 2018
Excellent know your math movies
Hi,,this movies need IQ good in math to appreciated the art of winner in the gambling shop for life and death

Toh Jing Eng
1 July 2018
Worst Movie
The worst movie ever, this movie is copying japan movie KaiJi but this movie is just keep play back play back wasting the time. Will not recommen for this movie

1 July 2018
Nice movie!
Nice movie and great acting by Li Yi Feng! Quite boring at the start of the show, but it gets better after they get on board “Destiny”

Rebeccah Yap Hui Shan
30 June 2018
Very unexpected and unpredictable, exciting and entertaining! Nice! Only the front part a bit boring.

Harry Hoon
11 July 2018
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10 July 2018
I can't .. I don't understand
What show is this . I don't understand what's happening in this movie. It's so boring won't reccomend this to anyone

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