Ant-Man And The Wasp Movie Poster

Ant-Man And The Wasp

PG / English / Action / Adventure / Science Fiction / Superhero / 118 min

Director Peyton Reed 
Cast Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Pena 
Release Date 04 July 2018


Wei Jie Tan
05 July 2018
Great movie
As expected of a marvel movie, this movie brings a lot of actions to the screen and at the same time mixed with the right amount of humour. A perfect blend for a marvel fan

04 July 2018
Lots of Witty Humour!
The media is right this is the best antidote to cure our post-infinity war blues. The producers did it again!

Priscilla Jigoku Shoujo Lay
07 July 2018
Better than the first
In my opinion, I think this movie is better than the previous. Aside from the comedy, I think this movie packed a whole lot more action. As usual, there are 2 post-credit scenes with the first linking the hero to Avengers Infinity War, so be sure to stay behind after the movie.

05 July 2018
Another one bites the dust!
We love all superhero movies. And this was just as good. Especially the mid credit scene. It totally got us googling as to what happened. This movie has funny scenes. It’s nice to see a superhero bring goody without being corny (like in some Thir scenes - even though we love THOR!). Must watch.

Dana de Leon
04 July 2018
Antman was least of my fave among Marvel heroes but this movie is hilarious! Great sense of humor. Ive had great time watching it.

10 July 2018
The storyline was awesome! Better than deadpool2! Should watch it. Would love to watch it again with my family

Wesley Wong
08 July 2018
Way better than first movie
A mix of action and comedy. Worth watching! Felt the second movie was way better than the first a couple of years ago

Kishen Kalvin
07 July 2018
Great movie. Funny and Heartwarming. Alot more action than the first. More shrinking and growing. It's a movie for everyone. And it's a must watch for Marvel Fans. Stick till the end ;)

17 July 2018
Omg Super hilarious!!
It’s amazing how they are tying this movie together with the infinity war! Hint hint! And probably ant men will find the Super hero inside where he is trapped, shall not say no more, just watch it!

16 July 2018
Great show!!
I would watch it again, this movie is filled with hilarious scenes that made me laugh and it had some value in it too. So I can say you wouldn’t be wasting your time watching this movie :)

18 July 2018
Small is Big!
Alot of action packed scenes along with great humour...All going after the same thing with different purposes.. wat a twist at the end..lets see..

09 July 2018
Super farnnyyyyy!!!
Loved Paul Rudd since FRIENDS and his humour and cuteness nvr seem to fail me>< didn't manage to catch the first Antman film and now I'm regretting it!!!

Lekky Sim
19 July 2018
Exciting and good laugh
Show was as great as expected, funny and exciting to watch. Will be exciting to see how this movie gel together with avengers’ next movie

Asybiel Seah
10 July 2018
Great movie. Touched.
This movue is recomended for families gathering. Quite good storyline. Could have been better if ant man can fly too

11 July 2018
Definitely Worth a Watch
A sequel that I believe is better than the first. I really enjoyed the movie - it was entertaining, witty and the plot was great. I'll have to admit that some funny moments felt a little forced and cringy, but there were many other moments where I couldn't help but to laugh.

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