Aquaman Movie Poster


PG13 / English / Action / Adventure / Science Fiction / 143 min

Director James Wan 
Cast Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Willem Dafoe 
Release Date 13 December 2018


Connie Chong
14 December 2018
Long waited DC movie
Finally. Been waiting since it’s James Wan. And it’s really good. Love the storyline and the funny parts as well. Shed a tear in the middle of the movie. Can’t wait for the next from James Wan.

Jiahui Kee
16 December 2018
Worthy! The storyline well present in the movie. U can understand their background even u never read it before. Oh ya, there is a mid post credit scene if anyone want to wait.

Sobig Solame
15 December 2018
Awesome movie a MUST WATCH!
Story: Good start and ending Length: a nice 3hrs which hope could last even longer. graphics: awesome visual effects and sound quality. Content: filled with laughter,lame,stupidity,happy,sad,emotional,thrilled,action,anger, and loved. May prepare ur kids alittle as certain parts are quite scary for a weak heart like my Wife. I’m very satisfied with this DC movie! Did not disappoint me compared to Batman Vs superman!

Teddy Rufus
16 December 2018
The Best DC movie in the recent Years
I enjoy this one, no only does it have a wonderful story to back the history of aquaman the visual part of movie itself... Simply amazing. A movie that you must catch it at the cinema and no home theater can do that.

18 December 2018
Like superman but way different!
Pardon the reference to superman. I think Aquaman even outdid him in this show. Amazing visuals and good pace of action. Loved the storyline. So far the best show in the current DC timeline.

Tiger Heng
13 December 2018
Visual Masterpiece, one of the BEST Superhero Movies of all time!
If you have not gotten your tickets, please go get your tickets in IMAX 3D. This is basically Underwater Avatar in terms of visuals, and Game of Thrones/Lord of the Rings in terms of fight scenes! :) My expectations was quite high going into the cinema (as i have read many audience reviews, especially from China where it opened on 7th Dec), but it still managed to surpass my expectations! Nicole Kidman once again shows her acting prowess, and Amber Heard is mesmerizing. Jason Mamoa fits his role really well, and Patrick Wilson plays an incredible villain. Graphics wise - this is BONKERS! Do yourself a favor, watch it in IMAX, you will not regret it. PS: 1) Try to catch the Annabelle Easter Egg (very hard to catch) 2) There is a mid credit scene

Elaine Chang
17 December 2018
Action packed
A simple storyline yet dull of surprises for the audience. Definitely worth watching the movie a second and third time. Excellent casts and effects underwater. Cannot miss.

Priscilla Jigoku Shoujo Lay
15 December 2018
This is one of the better if not best DC movie thus far, in my opinion. Loved the comedy and especially the ending. Be sure to wait for the mid credit scene!

17 December 2018
Nice movie
One of the best DC production so far. The story line and acting is marvelous! Can't wait for the part 2 to be out anytime soon in near future

Sham Nor
19 December 2018
Awesome Visual
I have very low expectation coming in for this movie. Hell, it blew my eyes. the visual was amazing. Remind me of the Avatar. The movie is on par with Wonder Woman. DC really should have started out with an origin story first. How I wish they can redo the whole Justice League again.

15 December 2018
Great CGI
Story line a bit predictable. Acting also ok. The main plus point is the CGI. The way the sea world is been shown is amazing. But the show a bit dragging towards the end.

Jun Qin Chua
17 December 2018
Worth the wait
Better than Wonderwoman I felt, haha loved the action and fighting scenes, can't wait for the sequel!

Tan Hong Hui Thomas
16 December 2018
Just watch not long ago... i think one of the best superhero movie that i watch. Better than marvel...

Tristan Jun Yu Ng
13 December 2018
Visually stunning
The movie was visually stunning and the story was good. It was definitely a cut above justice League and batman v superman.

Hanz Abdul
18 December 2018
Awesome movie.........! GONNA WATCH AGAIN....! Worth the money to watch the movie.....definitely gonna watch again....

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