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Director Lee Hae-Jun, Kim Byung-seo 
Cast Lee Byung-Hun, Ha Jung-Woo, Ma Dong-Seok, Jeon Hye-Jin, Bae Suzy 
Release Date 02 January 2020


08 January 2020
Love it!
Enjoyed it! Worth watching than some of the blockbusters. If you like walking with Gods, u will like this one. Not a min of dull moment. Lol!

William Lim Wei Jie
28 January 2020
Another train to busan kinda rollar coaster ride but the cisuals were amazing actors and actresses as well!

Ken Tan
08 January 2020
not bad
effects are good. plot is rather predictable but overall entertaining enough throwing in some silly jokes.

Dare to watch
27 December 2019
Love can indeed save the day.
Good acting and character-building to a solid storyline and suspense. A star-studded cast. Its computer-generated visual effects of the volcanic explosion and urban destruction make the disaster more realistic and valid.

Soh Si Ming
19 January 2020
Just another disaster movie
Although the trailer was captivating, and the visuals and actors are on point, i cannot forgive the fact that the story is so-so. There was a hype of the volcano eruption at the start, but most part of the story is just not great... very little development throughout the entire movie. A lil disappointing.

Macus J Fox
30 December 2019
Story line
Starting movie was quite exciting later stage was kind of merely bored. Action was rubbish, but disappointed

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