Boy Erased Movie Poster

Boy Erased

R21 / English / Biography / Drama / 130 min

Director Joel Edgerton 
Cast Lucas Hedges, Nicole Kidman, Joel Edgerton, Joe Alwyn 
Release Date 30 March 2019


03 April 2019
A very intiminate insight into a confused soul.
Capricious narrative darkness, yet the story of a Mother's unconditional love transcends. The film provides many emotional scenes throughout and it gives viewers a look at the horrors of conversion therapy. Dr. Muldoon, is beautifully portrayed by Cherry Jones. The scenes between Hedges and Kidman are especially heartfelt and gripping. As for Marshall, instead of him being the token villain, Crowe plays him as fundamentally conflicted.

Dare to watch
14 August 2019
Boy Erased is so emotionally driven.
A pertinent story to be told and the theme was well portrayed. The film was balanced, the parents weren't monster, just a little short on love and compassion because of uncompromising views in their religion.

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