Champion (2018)

PG / Korean / Drama / Sports / 108 min

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Mark (Ma Dong-Seok) is an arm wrestler and he dreams of becoming a champion. Jin-Ki (Kwon Yool) is a promoter and he dreams of turning his life around by using Mark. Suddenly, Mark’s younger sister Soo-Jin (Han Ye-Ri) and her kids appear.

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Champion Reviews

6 June 2018
Mix of emotion
This movie is filled with laughter, and sadness. Heart warming yet inspiring, not your typical Korean movie!

Joi Chu
6 June 2018
Oppa wrestling
Not your typical korean movies where its all sad. This oppa movie focus on humour and packed with heartwarming scenes!

Dare to watch
28 May 2018
Lighthearted Korean arm wrestling drama. This isn’t just a sport movie... its a inspirational one. Likable characters, Seung-Hoon and Ok Ye-Rin who are smart, enduring and funny. 

Copper Bed
3 June 2018
Mr Ma champion
Great movies, it entertaining and funny..full of lagurher and story very touching ... I can't hold my tears .

3 June 2018
Worth it
Heartwarming yet funny movie at the same time. It's worth a watch! Teared at the last part of the movie.

Aaron Lee
2 June 2018
Decently funny to watch and would recommend to friends, interesting story but could of course still be better!!

Muthu Samy
2 June 2018
Funny & Heart Warming
Recommended to watch, it's funny & witty. The tough decision between brotherhood, kinship & money. Inspiring as well as the main lead actor potrayed himself really well in the movie.

Shih Ying Gun
14 June 2018
Winning it all
This typical rooting-for-the-underdog story is given a further winning edge with its take on humour and family sentiments. Champion spins a tale that will win even the coldest of hearts and the toughest of arms over...

Mahen KP
10 June 2018
Funny and touching
Funny and touching. Quite different from the other Korean movies. A good effort and a worthwhile watch.

Keston Huang
10 June 2018
This is a feel-good film that feels us with heart and provides us with warmth. On the other hand, it’s a pretty standard underdog story that kinda tries a little hard to evoke audiences’ emotions. It’s pretty cliche and is nothing you haven’t seen from a standard sports underdog story.

6 June 2018
Just a simple story to show arm wrestling. Side story of the family did bring a warm feeling to my heart. And gangsters do exist and they can be scary!

Xiong Rong
4 June 2018
In my opinion a fairly good movie, light hearted and surprisingly not your typical korean movie, kinda inspiring and most importantly it’s entertaining.

3 June 2018
An inspirational Korean movie about a wrestler who becomes a champion in more ways than one. Good to watch.

Iskander Damn Arifin
2 June 2018
Unbeatable Warrior
A family movie for all ages. Story bout someone who is been ditch and work in States. Came back to defeated all the underground atheletes plus all wellknown arm wrestling warriors. And he found his long lost family roots. A must watch movie for all.....

Lee Wai Seng
19 June 2018
High standard movie
Go and watch, and you come back and agree with This comment. Combination of Fighting spirit, friendship, love, comedy, reality, family & etc. Worth to watch, but dk why sg only a few cinema screen it

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