Charlie's Angels Movie Poster

Charlie's Angels

NA / English / 0 / 115 min

Director Elizabeth Banks 
Cast Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska, Elizabeth Banks, Sam Claflin, Djimon Hounsou 
Release Date 14 November 2019


Sim DS
27 November 2019
Love the girl power
First of all, Kristen Stewart. Wow. Amazing actress, stole the show, blew my mind. Second of all, the way it shows how powerful woman can be and how smart and resourceful and independent they are, wow. Nice plot twist, was a good touch to the film. Action scenes were really nice. Had an enjoyable time watching this movie.

Charing Kam
04 December 2019
A great update for the franchise
Charlie’s Angels is a fun romp that updates the popular 1970s TV series and paves the way for a whole new run of movies. Most of that credit belongs to writer-director-star Elizabeth Banks and the aforementioned Stewart, who is spectacular here as Sabina Wilson. Full review at

Michelle Tan Yin Keat
16 November 2019
Great movie to watch
Nice to watch a movie that have a all female leads. It also great that the movie is about women who can choose to be whatever they want.

17 November 2019
Very funnny and for those who like the original,u will definitely love this! P.s: you should stay after the movie for post credits ;)

09 December 2019
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Dare to watch
16 November 2019
Deep appreciation of female power.
Men can be malleable, and the women of “Charlie’s Angels” know how to use that to their advantage. The women are all fabulous and exhibit the requisite air of independence and toughness under the usual extraordinary circumstances.

Cayden CoOlz
17 November 2019

Sarah Suprat
18 November 2019
Only teenage girls like this movie; i walked out midway and people were snoring
Movie production had good intentions to empower women but in a very tokenistic way. Wonder woman did it better. This movie was clearly misandrist, anything male that moves is the bad guy, an idiot or a boytoy. Had a stellar budget but had amateur production, i would think that some youtube skits are way more well made than this movie. Definitely had the potential to modernise the Charlie's angels story but it was just bad dialogue, loose plot and the fight scenes were hard to follow. Their weapons are also damn stupid, who the fck believes that a sticker can immobilise the person, Just use a tranquiliser gun??? Kristen stewart was chasing a car to then dramatically throw a tracker on it - she could have just used a tracker gun and not make a joke out of herself running in a pink horse riding uniform? The totally spies cartoon is way more well produced than this garbage but i bet the generation who enjoyed this movie didn't even watch totally spies. Actors were completely mediocre. Who the fuck cares about kristen stewart or elizabeth banks or proffesor X? A good actor DOES NOT equate to a stellar movie. Nonsense movie at the end of the day. Worst movie of 2019 so far

Zoel Lim
10 December 2019
Charlie's Angels is a much watch
I love this movie, i can't wait for part 2!!! Kristen steward showed so many different impressions in this movie, and the acting chemistry between her and her costars were great, along with some amazing outfits and an overall awesome plot. Also loved the girl power theme

Fiona Chen
09 December 2019
worth the watch
some parts were not explained clearly and i feel like this should be made into a drama series instead. female lead were gorgeous and i was mesmerised.

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