Detective Conan: Compilation - Mystery Train (2023)

PG13 / Japanese / / 90 Mins

Detective Conan: Compilation - Mystery Train Movie Poster
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Ai Haibara (autonym Shiho Miyano a.k.a. Sherry), a woman with three identities, who boldly faces her destiny. Shiho Miyano (code name: Sherry), a scientist and a member of the Black Organisation, was the one who developed a mysterious poison APTX (Apotoxin) 4869, the drug that turned Shinichi Kudo into a little boy! However, when Sherry realises that the Black Organisation had murdered her sister Akemi, she betrays the organisation and decides to take APTX4869. The drug turns her into a little girl, and she decides to call herself Ai Haibara in order to hide from the Black Organisation. Yet slowly but surely, the Black Organisation begins to cast its shadow over her.

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